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Cake decorating

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Georgieeb Tue 16-Apr-19 00:09:02

Ive always enjoyed baking cakes and things but recently started taking it serious as I'd love to get really good at it.
But I don't know what I'm doing😂 can someone please help! Whenever I pipe icing (usually buttercream) on top of cup cakes etc it goes horribly wrong and I'm not sure why? The icing seems to be really runny and just sort of melts in to a big horrible pile no matter what I do? I've tried thickening it up with more icing sugar and even out it in the fridge for a little while but nothings seems to work? Any tips would be massively appreciated! Tia

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bloated1977 Tue 16-Apr-19 00:11:26

What butter do you use. You need a good quality one like Lurpak. I use 250g Lurpak, 500g icing sugar and a tablespoon of milk. Blitz it all up in a food mixer on maximum for a good 5 minutes and it goes lovely and fluffy and perfect to pipe.

SleepWarrior Tue 16-Apr-19 00:13:28

Is your cake still a little warm? It needs to be really cool to not mess up the butter!

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