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When can you relax about salt?

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FurrySlipperBoots Sat 13-Apr-19 18:16:54

As in, what age should little ones be before you let them share family meals made with stock cubes/jarred pesto/houmous/ritz crackers etc?

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NowWeAreSuckingDiesel Sat 13-Apr-19 18:20:01

I use all of those already with my 10 month old. Not a lot, not all together and not every day but bloody hell, a half teaspoon of jarred pesto on some pasta isn't going to hurt anyone.

So I'd say... now?

NowWeAreSuckingDiesel Sat 13-Apr-19 18:25:08

Although not ritz I should say 😂

NannyR Sat 13-Apr-19 18:26:31

I would give them from about 9/10 months, but I would keep an eye on the salt in their diet all day, so if they were having pesto or a meal made with a stock cube at tea time, I wouldn't give stuff like ham, crackers, olives etc at lunch or for snacks.

misper Sat 13-Apr-19 18:29:39

I relaxed a bit after age 1 but I still kind of keep aware of what they're having eg not loads of ham, sausages and bacon in one day!
Local cafe sprinkles salt on the kids' meal chips which is annoying

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