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Has anyone ever made slow cooker bread before?

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OhioOhioOhio Mon 08-Apr-19 17:41:16

Any tips?

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Samind Mon 08-Apr-19 17:43:11

Never even knew it was an option. Going to watch with interest!

OhioOhioOhio Mon 08-Apr-19 17:46:29

There is an abundance of information on Pinterest. I've just stumbled across it. I've been put off by the randomness of '1.5 cups of warm water' in the recipes. I'm never very successful when the recipes aee vague like that.

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SoupDragon Mon 08-Apr-19 17:47:49

What is vague about 1.5 cups of warm water?

SoupDragon Mon 08-Apr-19 17:48:24

I'm curious too mind you. Although I have a breadmaker so it's probably not relevant!

OhioOhioOhio Mon 08-Apr-19 17:50:33

How big is one cup compared to the slow cooker? How warm?

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TwittleBee Mon 08-Apr-19 17:52:45

I am intrigued by this! Watching with interest. Never occurred to me that it would be an option.

Just wondering, would it have a crust or would it be a soft loaf? What's the texture meant to be like?

OhioOhioOhio Mon 08-Apr-19 17:54:02

They all looked like soda bread.

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HarrietSchulenberg Mon 08-Apr-19 17:57:40

Cup is an American measure that's equivalent to about 240ml. I find a Tommy Tipee sippy cup is about right for my breadmaker recipes but not done a slow cooker recipe.

SoupDragon Mon 08-Apr-19 19:19:23

Yes, a cup is a specific measurement. I have a set of measuring cups.

Warm is not hot and not cold smile I'd go with "feels warm when you stick your finger in" If it doesn't feel any temperature, just wet, I'd call that "tepid"

Triglesoffy Mon 08-Apr-19 20:42:06

Recipe please!!!

hawleybits Fri 12-Apr-19 12:53:44

I use the Jack Munro recipe. It's gorgeous!

hawleybits Fri 12-Apr-19 12:57:42

TwittleBee Sat 13-Apr-19 10:58:09

Just followed that recipe, dough is in the slow cooker! 🤞

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