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Your best hummus recipe please

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QRCode Wed 03-Apr-19 06:01:54

I made some yesterday and I measured everything except the lemon juice. Maybe that's the problem, my lemon was too juicy, but the lemon is overpowering almost everything else. It needs to be dairy free, I know some recipes include yogurt. Please share your favourite recipes and I'll try them instead.

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Frenchfancy Wed 03-Apr-19 06:04:47

My tip is to blend the lemon juice with the tahini before you add the other ingredients, and to use water at the end to get the consistency that you are looking for.

QRCode Wed 03-Apr-19 06:09:47

Thanks, I did both of those things. I even peeled all of the chickpeas!

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XenakisCarter Wed 03-Apr-19 06:30:30

Ottolenghi - - I cut the amount of tahini though as I’m not that much of a fan. Really delicious.

stillworkingitout Wed 03-Apr-19 06:36:38

I actually prefer a dollop of peanut butter in mine over tahini (used it as a substitute once and never looked back)

TerpsichoreanMuse Wed 03-Apr-19 06:47:01

I've got my own recipe, where I was trying to recreate the hummus we got in Egypt which I loved (slightly more runny but almost a little fluffy and super tasty).

You do need a blender that's up to green smoothies.

1 tin chickpeas (drain the water and measure it in)
8 tbs water from can
3 tbs tahini
6 tbs good olive oil
3 tbs lemon juice
1 clove garlic (or three roasted)

Pulse then blend. Adjust seasoning.

Wilhelminawonka Wed 03-Apr-19 07:03:35

Had anyone ever used chickpea flour for hummus? Ive heard it can be very good but can't get it to work

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