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Dishwasher vodka - how to break up the sweets without making a mess?

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EatsFartsAndLeaves Fri 29-Mar-19 22:40:57

For those who don't know, dishwasher vodka involves drinking removing a quarter of the vodka from a bottle, refilling the bottle with crushed boiled sweets of your choice, doing the lid up tight and putting it through a 70 degree hot dishwasher cycle to cook the sweets into the vodka. It's delicious.

The bit I can't figure out is how best to crush the sweets and get them in the bottle. I've been leaving them in their wrappers and whacking them with a hammer on a chopping board, but they cut through the wrappers and even two plastic bags, leaving a sticky mess everywhere.

Is there a better way?

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kaldefotter Fri 29-Mar-19 22:44:50

Take them out of the wrappers, and wrap them in a tea towel, then batter them on the chopping board.

moofolk Fri 29-Mar-19 22:46:48

Yep that. ^^

Also: what a great idea.

EatsFartsAndLeaves Fri 29-Mar-19 22:51:44

In a plastic bag wrapped in a tea towel? Otherwise they'll get tea towel fluff in them. Does the towel mean the bag doesn't get punctured?

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Tolleshunt Fri 29-Mar-19 22:53:19

Omg, that sounds awesome!

Which flavour sweets taste good? I could fancy doing it with sherbet lemons, or some rhubarb and custards.

glasshalfsomething Fri 29-Mar-19 22:54:41

Try with pear drops! 👍🏻

Jammiebammie Fri 29-Mar-19 22:56:40

Skittle vodka is awesome, and they’re small enough to pop in the top.

Otherwise I’d do as pp said, put sweets in a ziplock bag and bash with a tea towel on top.

Tolleshunt Fri 29-Mar-19 23:08:47

Ooh, pear drops and skittles both sound good! Maybe I'll buy two half bottles and try both!!

What do you mix it with after? I'' guessing tonic or soda, so you can taste the sweets?

FinallyHere Fri 29-Mar-19 23:12:01

Werther's Originals Vodka , poured over vanilla ice creme

Tolleshunt Fri 29-Mar-19 23:13:44

I'm actually salivating at the thought of that, Finally

kaldefotter Fri 29-Mar-19 23:30:05

Ah, I was thinking more like a linen tea towel, but if you have fluffy tea towels then do stick them in a ziploc bag first.

Skittles vodka is excellent, but never use the green skittles. They’ll make your vodka murky rather than pleasantly colourful. Werthers Original vodka is even better.

QueenEhlana Fri 29-Mar-19 23:32:24

Terry's Chocolate Orange vodka - absolutely fucking amazing.

EatsFartsAndLeaves Sat 30-Mar-19 00:32:53

I can confirm that rhubarb and custard and pear drops both taste great. Also if you use the yellow and green ones out of a packet of Glacier Fruits, then mix with tonic you get a perfect sherbet lemon.

Chocolate limes didn't work very well, too much murky solid brown stuff that wouldn't dissolve.

I've done cherry drops today but haven't drunk any yet, will report back tomorrow. Skittles sound much easier!

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EatsFartsAndLeaves Sat 30-Mar-19 00:39:06

I'm using crap Tesco £10 a litre vodka by the way, and decanting it into smaller Fentimans bottles so I can try different flavours and give some to friends.

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EatsFartsAndLeaves Sat 30-Mar-19 00:40:03

Wine gums would probably work, and would be easy to chop up.

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Twizzleegg Sat 30-Mar-19 00:41:48

OK I'm too old for this!

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