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What is the difference between

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hotcrumpets Wed 11-Jul-07 20:37:26

orange juice from concentrate and freshly squeezed, what I mean is what does the 'from concentrate' mean?

i've been wondering this for ages, is one better than the other, is that why there is a big difference in price?

ChasingSquirrels Wed 11-Jul-07 20:42:48

concentrate - juice, all the water taken out, transported, diluted back up

freshly squeezed - like it says on the tin

ArtichokeTagine Wed 11-Jul-07 20:47:55

Concentrated juice is fruit thats been picked, squeezed and concentrated (through the evaporation of a large quantity of the natural water) in the country of origin. The 'concentrated juice' is then frozen and shipped to the country of use for packing. The juice is later reconstituted by restoring it to its original strength by adding the same amount of water.

Freshly squeezed juice is taken from fruit which is shipped to the country of use and squeezed there for immediate use. Lots nicer, loads more vits etc etc etc

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