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Can you freeze cherries?

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MuffinMclay Wed 11-Jul-07 19:06:09

Or do they go all mushy and horrible like strawberries? They have been pitted and are very ripe.

Went fruit picking at the weekend and brought back a silly amount of cherries. I've made jam, ice-cream, and clafoutis, and still have some left but am rather bored with cherry processing now.

feetheart Wed 11-Jul-07 19:08:07

No problem, freeze in a tray!

MrsBadger Wed 11-Jul-07 19:08:08

can't see why not - they come out ok in the supermarket mixed packs (unlike the sluggy strawberries)

NotQuiteCockney Wed 11-Jul-07 19:10:44

Or you could puree and freeze in ice cubes? Then use as compote, put in smoothies, etc etc.

MuffinMclay Wed 11-Jul-07 19:12:03

Will go and freeze them right away. Thank you!

NAB3 Wed 11-Jul-07 19:16:54

Wash and dry the fruit. Remove the stalks, then stone.
Dry-freezing:spread out on baking sheets and open-freeze until firm. Pack in polythene bags or rigid containers. Remove the air, seal, label and return to the freezer.
Storage time:12 months.

Dry-freezing, sweetened: Add 100g/4oz/1/2 cup caster sugar for each 450g/1 lb fruit and mix. Spread out on baking sheets and open freeze until firm. Follow on as above. Same storage time.

To thaw and serve: thaw at room temp for 2-3hours. Alternatively, heat gently in a saucepan from frozen until the juices run, then cook very gently for 2-5mins until just tender but still holding their shape. Sweeten and add lemon juice to taste. (They are especially good laced with brandy or kirsch!)

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