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is there a way to 'unspice' a chilli?

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MumOfSlytherinsMonsters Wed 11-Jul-07 17:25:34

got friends coming for tea who want mild chilli. Used the wrong chilli powder like an idiot! I have it to the stage where its not spicy as such when you taste it but there is quite a kick - is there anyway to lesson that kick?

chevre Wed 11-Jul-07 17:26:15


GreengottsTheGoblinBank Wed 11-Jul-07 17:26:20

Add a load more tomatoes/passata and fried onions?

Or serve it with sour cream/cremefraiche.

RibenaBerry Wed 11-Jul-07 17:26:22

I think you're meant to try lime juice or natural yoghurt...

BecauseImTheFatLady Wed 11-Jul-07 17:26:38

or cream

Scootergrrrl Wed 11-Jul-07 17:27:33

Lumps of potato and leave it cooking on a low heat - I don't know if it's an old wives tale but I've used it before in too-hot curry and it worked ok. Just fish the tatties out before you serve it!

BecauseImTheFatLady Wed 11-Jul-07 17:27:34

Or you just say, after they've taken a few mouthfuls and gone puce, "gosh, do you really think it's hot? This is a mild chilli for us!"

Make it their fault!

MumOfSlytherinsMonsters Wed 11-Jul-07 17:28:11

wow those replies were fast!

I have some sour cream (especially for them lol!) so thats ok- phew!

Thank you for speedyness!

(greengotts are you greensleeves??

winestein Wed 11-Jul-07 17:28:52

add lemon juice and fold into tortillas, grate cheese over and serve with sour cream.

Assuming you have all the ingredients in my pantry/fridge, that is!

GreengottsTheGoblinBank Wed 11-Jul-07 17:28:53


MumOfSlytherinsMonsters Wed 11-Jul-07 17:29:43

i don't really like hot chilli and this is right at the point where i would be moaning lol!

Will do wedges as well as rice which will hopefully make the chili seem less spicy!

You'd think the queen was coming over...nope DPs bro and his gf lol!

winestein Wed 11-Jul-07 17:29:50

Lemon juice reduces the spiciness but, unsuprisingly, adds the lemon taste, btw, which is why it is better as a burrito

MumOfSlytherinsMonsters Wed 11-Jul-07 17:30:51

i have only got frozen tortillas but that sounds really tasty!

Will add cheese to the table as well

lljkk Wed 11-Jul-07 17:35:08

tomatoes lower the spiciness, too.

treacletart Wed 11-Jul-07 17:49:49

The potato trick has worked for me in the past

CountessDracula Wed 11-Jul-07 17:50:55

i thought potatoes were for reducing saltiness

rebelmum1 Wed 11-Jul-07 17:58:51

eat it with yoghurt or sour cream

Scootergrrrl Wed 11-Jul-07 18:18:30

I think they just tone down any over-seasoning whatever it is.

lailasmum Wed 11-Jul-07 18:23:25

sugar works. not too much.

aloha Wed 11-Jul-07 18:23:48

Tip out some of the sauce, add another tin of tomatoes.

aloha Wed 11-Jul-07 18:24:23

Sounds lovely though. If they dont' want it, send it to me.

MumOfSlytherinsMonsters Thu 12-Jul-07 09:50:19

thank you for all the tips! In the end i just kept in onthe hob for ages and ages and kept adding water (sounds disgusting doesn't it!). was still a bit spicy but served it with sour cream and grated cheese, also had some lovely bread that friends brought round and everyone liked it! And there is even enough left for DP and I to have chilli jackets next week

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