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Does anyone make mince n tatties/stovies in the instant pot?

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galumph Tue 26-Mar-19 16:30:05

I'd like to do this but not sure on timings because the tatties will take longer than the mince.

Have any of you done this?

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galumph Tue 26-Mar-19 22:03:47

Nobody huh?

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galumph Wed 27-Mar-19 08:46:18

I guess it's a pretty niche request...

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BluebellsareBlue Wed 27-Mar-19 09:43:57

Not sure what an instant pot is, a slow cooker? But no anyway, stovies and mince and fatties are always done on the hob for this house

BluebellsareBlue Wed 27-Mar-19 09:44:21


galumph Wed 27-Mar-19 11:36:30

the Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker - a seriously brilliant piece of kit! Reduces cooking time spectacularly for things like chilli/bolognese. So the ease and convenience of a slow cooker but with the speed of a pressure cooker.

Clearly not popular in homes where mince n tatties are the norm though! Or maybe mince n tatties is not very MN?

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galumph Wed 27-Mar-19 11:38:11

lol at fatties though. so your phone thinks you're more likely to say fatties than tatties eh @BluebellsareBlue? grin

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Kayleidogyn Wed 27-Mar-19 11:45:10

You've just reminded me of how much I love stovies!!! Now I need a recipe. Anyone care to share? Stovetop as not got instant pot (yet...).

galumph Wed 27-Mar-19 11:56:59

well, for me (as taught by my mum) it would be:

On a stove top -
Fry onions
Fry mince
Maybe some grated or diced carrot. Or carrots peeled and cut in half lengthways to be mashed in at the end.
Add beef stock and simmer for ages. At least 90 minutes.
Add some potatoes cut into various shapes and sizes about half way through - some will disappear completely and some will remain chunky and absorb some stock.
Serve with pickled beetroot or red cabbage. And ketchup blush

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galumph Wed 27-Mar-19 11:58:23

So for the Instant Pot I think I'll try:

Cook the mince for 10 minutes at pressure, then add various sizes of potato and cook for about 8 minutes.

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BluebellsareBlue Wed 27-Mar-19 12:33:33

HUD. THE. BUS!!! Stovies are surely made with corned beef. Or just tatties onions and beef dripping?!!

galumph Wed 27-Mar-19 15:37:09

I think there might be a different recipe variation for each family in Scotland. This one will blow your mind:

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Kayleidogyn Wed 27-Mar-19 16:59:47

@galumph LAMB???? confused

Miltonroad Wed 27-Mar-19 17:08:06

Stovies here are made with leftover roast, beef or lamb definitely not corned beef tho 😂

Elderflower14 Wed 27-Mar-19 17:13:19

Sounds like Lob Scouse to me if it's leftover lamb.. My late DH used to make it. It was scrummy... here

BluebellsareBlue Wed 27-Mar-19 17:33:02

I'm dundee so maybe that's why I'm corned beef, but lamb?!? No way that's a shocker!!

Kayleidogyn Wed 27-Mar-19 21:49:10

@BluebellsareBlue I grew up in Blairgowrie waves

BluebellsareBlue Wed 27-Mar-19 21:53:48

@Kayleidogyn yay!! Hi from dundee

Gcalgske Sat 28-Sep-19 14:32:27

I’m trying it ask I type, came across this while looking for timings.

I do 8 large (baker size) tarries, peel and sliced.
4 medium onions.
150g ish cold roast beef.
I normal splash a bit of water in and bung in slow cooker for 4-6 on low or pan on hob low for 1-1.5 hours but just got an IP and trying things.

Had a false start after 2 mins as IP said “burn” took lid off and added an extra 1.5 cups water.

Attempting it on beef stew 10 minutes setting.

Gcalgske Sat 28-Sep-19 14:38:22

*as I type
*baker size tatties

Always forget I can’t edit mn

Gcalgske Sat 28-Sep-19 14:41:02

So the second 10 mins (with added water) said ‘burn’ after 2 minutes again.

I depressurised manually to check and they are perfect!

So my conclusion is that my recipe needs 2 cups of water in the IP and 4 minutes high pressure/beef stew setting.

StarryNightWithGrazingDeer Mon 30-Sep-19 18:06:43

Stovies are roast lamb first and foremost, roast beef at a push. But it’s mince or corned beef stovies that seem odd to me, not lamb stovies. If you’ve mince you make mince n tatties, if you’ve corned beef you make corned beef Alaska surely?

Clangus00 Mon 30-Sep-19 18:10:52

No it’s square sausage in stovies.
And definitely in a pot on the cooker.
Same with mince, tatties & mashed turnip!

haggistramp Mon 30-Sep-19 19:02:25

Meeee. I do. But I use cornbeef. I just place all ingredients in the instant pot with some water and cook for about 30 mins. I figure I'd do the same with mince but I'd probably use ths saute option to brown the mince first.

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