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Cooked beef inedible joint-what to do with it?

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Leeeeemon36 Thu 21-Mar-19 22:45:56

Bought a beatiful looking salmon cut beef, whacked in slow cooker, rested after cooking...

The worst beef I’ve ever had. It was like compacted sawdust. Now I have hefty leftover and wondering what concoction would it be suitable for.

Thinking about mincing it very finely, add some vegetables for some moisture and substance and convert it into some sort of pastry parcels? Beef veg rolls?

Hosting a social gathering next week, was wondering if I could kill two cows I mean birds with one stone, feed the guests and get rid of this meat.

Any suggestions welcome

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kateandme Thu 21-Mar-19 22:56:36

Put leftover roast beef to good use and make slow cooker beef stroganoff

kateandme Thu 21-Mar-19 23:03:28

A simple fix for overcooked meat is to dump it in your food processor with some olive oil, purée it, and use it as a stuffing for everything from hand pies and empanadas to dumplings and ravioli.

pastabest Thu 21-Mar-19 23:07:54

I think your mistake was slow cooking it rather than roasting it!

I would slice it as thinly as you can and make it into crispy chilli beef with rice, or turn it into cottage pie.

Leeeeemon36 Fri 22-Mar-19 07:56:19

Thanks for all suggestions,will probably cut it up and freeze,enough for stroganoff and stuffing smile

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