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How long does a fruit cake last?

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Clevs Thu 14-Mar-19 09:55:12

I had a three tier wedding cake in August 2014. We traditionally kept the top tier which is an iced fruit cake. The people that made the cake (a proper cake making business, not a friend of a friend etc.) said that the fruit cake would keep a long time but didn't specify how long (or maybe they did but I've forgotten).

We now want to get the cake re-iced and use for our son's first birthday. Will it still be ok? Or is 4.5 years too long and/or does it depend on what's in it?

I've messaged the people that made it but despite having read my message they've not replied. I have sent a further message this morning.

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4merlyknownasSHD Thu 14-Mar-19 15:32:32

I am sure that it will be OK. As a commercial baker they probably cannot commit to it being OK to eat. It would be worth tasting a little bit before re-icing as you wouldn't want to go to that trouble/expense if it is inedible. Traditionally the top tier was always kept for the first baby's Christening but in the 'olden days' it probably wasn't generally as long as 4.5 years. Give it a try.

Clevs Thu 14-Mar-19 22:00:54

They have now messaged me back and said that it will be fine. They are very busy at the moment though so not sure if they can find time to re-ice it before I need it.

We did keep it for the Christening but it took longer for us to have a baby than what we wanted, and we've also decided now not to get him Christened, hence thinking that his first birthday would be nice to use it up 🙂

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