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Your best low fat recipes please....

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DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs Mon 09-Jul-07 16:11:57

I need inspiration. Thanks

Sixer Mon 09-Jul-07 16:26:56

A quickie which the DC also love. it's WW. par-boil potatoes, fry chicken, add pesto and potatoes to chicken. stir in. Then pile into a dish, sprinkle Parmesan over then grill. Serve with green beans and baby cob.

DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs Mon 09-Jul-07 16:28:15

Um, don't mean to be rude but that doesn't sound low fat!

Sixer Mon 09-Jul-07 16:31:40

it's a WW meal. Providing you use LF cooking spray,1 tbsp (per person),150G of spuds (per person)and 1tsp of cheese per person. It's an 8 point value meal.

DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs Mon 09-Jul-07 16:36:36

8 points is only one point less than half my daily allowance! EEEeek!

ProfYaffle Mon 09-Jul-07 16:50:01

When I did WW I used to have a 3 course zero point meal for emergencies.

Zero point soup
Egg white omlette with baked butternut squash marinated in garlic, hers and tom puree with veggies/salad
Sugar free jelly.

Or at least it was zero point a few years ago, the points values tend to change sometimes.

lilolilmanchester Mon 09-Jul-07 20:45:29

tandoori chicken (chicken marinated in low fat yoghurt & tandoori spices) then baked?

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 09-Jul-07 21:25:01

Grill one red pepper and one yellow pepper till charred all over. Put them into a sieve, over a shallow plate.

When cool enough to work with, peel all the skin off, cut them open and remove all the seeds/white 'ribs' - do this over the sieve so that all the juices stay in the shallow plate underneath.

Slice the peppers thinly, put them into the plate with the juices, season with salt and pepper and squeeze half a lime over them.

They exude lovely juice when grilled which, with the lime, is like a vinaigrette - but without adding any oil.

Makes a lovely accompaniement to something like grilled chicken.

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