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am a genius with cake making....did you hear me,?? GENIOUS!

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dissle Mon 09-Jul-07 14:00:02

I cant believe my own talent, im amazing!!!

Made a race car cake with crashed race cars in the bushes.

Rich chocolate and EVERYTHING.

My boy kept saying "thats cool that birthday cake init mum".
Its his 4th bday today...ahhhhhhhh

MaureenMLove Mon 09-Jul-07 14:06:07

Er, we're gonna need some proof I think! Pictures please!

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 09-Jul-07 14:07:32

pmsl @ "race car cake with crashed race cars "


maisemor Mon 09-Jul-07 15:31:48

Would love to see a picture of it please

WilhelminaLouiseBadger Mon 09-Jul-07 16:14:30


MaccaMacca Mon 09-Jul-07 16:17:28

very cool.

My nan made me one with a large crinolin [sp] dress around a doll when I was little it was lovely.

oranges Mon 09-Jul-07 16:17:44

erk! crashed cars on a birthday cake????

maisemor Mon 09-Jul-07 16:20:06

It is not a cake for a Princess, Oranges but for a 4 year old boy.

oranges Mon 09-Jul-07 16:24:01

even so - the racing car sounds fab, but isn't the crash a little macabre?

maisemor Mon 09-Jul-07 16:32:16

Agree it would not be my choice (made a firetruck for my son)

madmarchhare Mon 09-Jul-07 16:34:00

DS would LOVE a car crash on his cake.

BBBeeRose Mon 09-Jul-07 16:36:22

love the idea of a car crashj cake.

For ds 3rd bday make a cake with a tiny action man killing a shark complete with red shoe laces of blood spurting out it's head - how's that for macabre!

bagpuss Mon 09-Jul-07 16:40:00

ds2's is on my profile - I made it last week (he was 2) and he is still wandering around the kitchen asking for "Boo cake" even now it is all gone .

I hope your ds has a lovely birthday dissle and that he enjoys his cake!

maisemor Mon 09-Jul-07 16:41:27

That's a brilliant cake Bagpuss.

bagpuss Mon 09-Jul-07 16:43:27

Thank you

oranges Mon 09-Jul-07 16:47:48

for some reason, shark killing seems less gruesome. maybe because i'm terrified of the idea of car crashes. i have a one year old ds - i see lots of arguments about bleed and gore ahead!

tissy Mon 09-Jul-07 16:49:31

Boo cake is fantastic

dissle, pleas put a photo on your profile!

dissle Mon 09-Jul-07 17:20:05

I dont know how to do pictures and computer things....Am a CAKE genious not computer one.

Its got 3 little race cars on a grey road with black skid marks on the road and the blue car has veared off the race track towards the bushes which are icing pushed through a seive to make bushes...they are green.

The cars are all intact, not smashed crashed!

Made a yellow car, red car and blue car with little crash helmets for men!!!!!

Its dead easy as well!

Have had 3/4 of the cake now...not so impressed......think i had a bit too much maybe, possibly, probably....its a big un.

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