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Sultanas v Raisins - What's the difference

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Boobsgonesouth Mon 09-Jul-07 10:37:14

Huuuuge difference in price...what IS the difference 'cos I don't know !!!!

If not a lot then I will substitute sultanas for raisins !!!!!

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:37:42

hmm tyopes fo grapes i think

LilRedWG Mon 09-Jul-07 10:37:55

I think sultanas are from white grapes and raisins from red, but I'm probably wrong.

BonyM Mon 09-Jul-07 10:40:26

LilRedWG - you're not wrong!

Boobsgonesouth Mon 09-Jul-07 10:42:20

...that would make sense...Hmmm, yes so I wonder why raisins are so much more expensive...a resonable bottle of red wine is typicall no more expensive than a reasonable bottle of white is it ?????

Maybe, on investigation, the grape treaders do so in their verruca covered feet......eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww !!!!!!

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