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I need a soft and slightly chewy flapjack recipe - does anyone have one they know works?

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KatyMac Tue 05-Mar-19 16:22:37

Not crispy or really chewy; I am really craving flapjack and I haven't had any for years!


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WhoGivesADamnForAFlakeyBandit Tue 05-Mar-19 16:33:16

Bakingcreampie Tue 05-Mar-19 16:36:21

50g butter, 65g demerera sugar, 2 tbsp golden syrup 1/2 tsp salt melted in saucepan together over medium heat, take off heat and add 115g rolled oats. Bake in over for 15 mins at 180 degrees.

KatyMac Tue 05-Mar-19 17:45:57

Hmm 2 fairly different recipes - thanks

Do you each make them? How to choose!! wink

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KatyMac Tue 05-Mar-19 17:46:41

Or even wink

It's been a long day...

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PCohle Tue 05-Mar-19 17:49:13

I second Miranda Gardiners - it's bloody lovely and works every time.

It's very similar to SoupDragon's flapjack recipe which is MN famous.

CMOTDibbler Tue 05-Mar-19 17:52:55

The one with condensed milk is the only way to go. I've had WI ladies begging me for the recipe!

Gatekeeper Tue 05-Mar-19 18:04:17

I second Soupdragons one with condensed milk, brought my dh to his kneesgrin

Gatekeeper Tue 05-Mar-19 18:06:04

On my crappy phone so can't link but seek and ye will find

KatyMac Tue 05-Mar-19 18:58:09

I found it!! Thanks @soupdragon

250g porridge oats (the cheap type, not large ones),
150g Butter,
2 generous tablespoons (75g) Golden Syrup
half a tin condensed milk

baking tin, no bigger than about 18cm x 28cm


1. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees c
2. Line the baking tin with baking parchment.
3. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over a medium heat and add the syrup. Keep gently heating and stirring until all is melted and mixed.
4. Add the condensed milk and mix. Bring to the boil for about a minute. If I'm honest, I just bung the milk in at step 3.
5. Remove from the heat and gradually add the oats, folding them in. All the oats should be coated, and the mixture quite dense, but still sticky. Don't add so many oats that the mixture becomes dry.
6. Pour the mixture into the tins and spread about so that it lines the tin to a depth of 2-3cm. Don't squash the mixture in, just spread it evenly.
7. Bake in the oven for about 15mins. You should take them out when they just start to go brown round the edges, don't leave longer than this. If they're still squidgy in the middle that's fine, they set on cooling.

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Zooop Tue 05-Mar-19 19:00:24

Or use lots of mashed banana, stewed apple / rhubarb in the mix. Makes them lovely and soft.

BikeRunSki Tue 05-Mar-19 19:04:53

I made this flapjack recipe at the weekend. Standard ingredients, different method. Soft and chewy result anyway.

SoupDragon Tue 05-Mar-19 19:20:27

My work here is done...

KatyMac Tue 05-Mar-19 22:12:18

Thanks Soupdragon - DD & DH love them, but sadly despite craving them, I still can't eat them!

Never mind

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SoupDragon Tue 05-Mar-19 22:28:29

Oh dear

KatyMac Wed 06-Mar-19 09:33:07

Don't worry soupdragon

I am re-introducing after years of a restricted diet - some you win (peas, beans, cauli, dreid apricots) some you lose (eggs, oats, broccoli!)

It's all good!

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SoupDragon Wed 06-Mar-19 19:23:09

You can get rye flakes which claim to behave like oats. They certainly look like oats. I have no idea what they taste like mind you!

KatyMac Wed 06-Mar-19 20:35:37

i have a sneaking suspicion it's the texture! But we live and learn; dessicated coconut is the same

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Greensleeves Wed 06-Mar-19 20:37:00

Was just coming to recommend Soupy's recipe

Total gamechanger in this house grin

SoupDragon Thu 07-Mar-19 09:46:14

Bleagh! Dessicated coconut!

Flapjacks seem to vanish instantaneously in my house so I don't make them any more. There has been a similar issue with the chocolate brownies over the last month...

KatyMac Thu 07-Mar-19 10:47:02

Hmm Chocolate brownies - I haven't craved them yet

I wonder if cooked egg in cake is different to a boiled egg!!!

I may try.....

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