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Help - cooking with praens

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Virgo28 Tue 05-Mar-19 09:08:29

Hi, my son has cooking at school tomorrow morning. Have a bag of frozen large King prawns which have to be defrosted, shells and heads removed before he leaves for school. On the bag it says to defrost thoroughly and use as soon as possible after defrosting. We were planning to prepare the prawns tonight and leave in fridge overnight - will they still be OK to use? Sorry but totally clueless on seafood. Thanks

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exwhyzed Tue 05-Mar-19 10:02:30

Prawns is a bit of a strange choice by the school! I hope his cooking lesson is first thing and/or they have plenty of fridge space?

Personally I would save the ones you have for him to recreate the dish at home and send him in with some different frozen ones that have already been shelled - they can be defrosting on the way to school that way.

Virgo28 Tue 05-Mar-19 10:31:04

It's his gcse catering exam 8.30-12.30, maybe it will be better to get up early tomorrow morning to do them instead.

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Atalune Tue 05-Mar-19 10:35:35

They will be fine to defrost and use as you describe. If you have a little cool bag then pop them in there with an ice block to keep them chilled.

Virgo28 Tue 05-Mar-19 10:37:34

All I really need to know is if the prawns are defrosted and prepared tonight will they be OK to cook tomorrow morning thanks

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Virgo28 Tue 05-Mar-19 10:38:15


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Blondie1984 Tue 05-Mar-19 18:30:00

Yes they will be fine

CherryPavlova Tue 05-Mar-19 18:33:13

Yes fine. If you think you buy prawns that last a couple of days from most supermarkets. Many have been previously frozen. If you can pack with ice pack for transit or he can pop into a fridge on arrival at school they’ll be OK.

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