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Left over ham ideas please?

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Raera Mon 04-Mar-19 11:44:34

We quite regularly have a ham joint served as a roast with veg and always have leftovers.
My usual next day dinners are either pasta or frittata. Does anyone have anything more inspirational please?
I've got some cauli, broccoli and some past sell by mushrooms in the fridge. Pie maybe?

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WinterHeatWave Mon 04-Mar-19 11:52:47

Cold sliced ham with jacket potatoes.
If you've got some cooked chicken, chicken and ham pie is lovely, otherwise, yes to ham pie.
Croque monsieur, or however its spelt.
Macaroni cheese with ham in.

Personally, I'd use it for ham sandwiches!

slug Mon 04-Mar-19 12:43:46

1. Ham cakes. Mince the ham and mix it with some mashed potatoes and whatever flavourings come to hand (spring onions and mustard work) I sometimes add a beaten egg to help bind the mixture. Form into patties, roll in a bit of flour and fry on both sides till crispy and warm.

2. Bean mash. This is one of DH's specialities. Fry some onions, add the shredded ham and spices (think German spices, fennel seeds, thyme etc) We sometimes add shredded cabbage as well. Tip in a can of canneloni beans, add a little water and bring to the boil. As the mixture starts t reduce mash up the beans a bit. Serve instead of mashed potatoes. Alternatively, add some more liquid and don;t mash the beans and serve as a bean and ham soup.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 04-Mar-19 14:48:48

THis savoury ham and veg crumble is really nice, proper winter food!

Ricekrispie22 Mon 04-Mar-19 18:00:27

Fried rice
Ham and pineapple pizza
Cheesy potato bake
Ham and pea soup

FawnDrench Mon 04-Mar-19 18:09:15

Ham, egg and chips.

Blondie1984 Mon 04-Mar-19 18:10:22

Cold ham with bubble & squeak and baked beans
Ham and lentil stew or soup
Ham enchiladas

PigletJohn Mon 04-Mar-19 18:28:47

your own ham should be much better for sandwiches, than shop-bought stuff.

Also for minestrone, especially if you have a bone.

Raera Mon 04-Mar-19 19:36:53

Many thanks.
Not a sandwich fan I'm afraid, I should have said before.
So I did a pie a bit like the crumble recipe but with pastry as I had some in the fridge and the veg I had. Actually I did 2, one to eat and one to freeze (bonus!)
I will certainly get around to all the other lovely suggested recipes as we have it at least once per fortnight. I can usually get 2 or 3 meals per joint, but was getting in a rut for the leftover meals.
Slug, do you think the ham and potato cakes would freeze before cooking?
Again, many thanks

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NotMyUsualTopBilling Mon 04-Mar-19 19:56:00

I did chinese fried rice with mine this evening and it was lovely.

Just fried leftover ham in a few sprays of olive oil, teaspoon of oyster sauce and sprinkle of 5 spice. Remove from pan.

Spray again until hot, add in rice a few tbsp at a time until it starts to look a bit drier. Add peas and onions mix for a few minutes. Add ham back in. Turn the heat off.

Make a well in the middle and add a beaten egg, 1 TSP oyster sauce and 1 TSP Soy sauce, moving the egg mix to stop it setting then fold through rice before serving.

kateandme Mon 04-Mar-19 21:24:10

really nice one is chicken and ham in white sauce.sounds too simple to be nice but it is!bascially make a white sauce with plenty of salt and ppper.add sweetcorn and leftover over ham and chicken.serve with rice.lovely.

Whereareyouspot Mon 04-Mar-19 21:27:19

Ham cheese and potatoes pie every time
Freezes well too

Also do scooped jackets where you bake potatoes, halve when cool, scoop out the mashy bit and mix with butter ham cheese (cheddar or Philadelphia type soft cheese) and chives of spring onions if you like them, mix and then refill and skins. Bake when ready to eat them. Best served with baked beans!

Solasum Mon 04-Mar-19 21:28:32

Ham lasagne!

midsomermurderess Wed 06-Mar-19 13:06:21

Spanish ham croquettes.

TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 06-Mar-19 18:39:31

I boil my ham and make a massive pan of ham and lentil stew with the stock.

PigletJohn Wed 06-Mar-19 23:53:16

I've tried that but the stock was very salty

must have been the wrong sort of ham.

TinklyLittleLaugh Thu 07-Mar-19 00:01:01

Well I normally bring it to the boil for few minutes, chuck the water, then replace with clean water. Or soaking overnight and discarding the water works too but I’m not that organised.

Bluesheep8 Thu 07-Mar-19 13:12:46

Use instead of bacon in a carbonara

Locksbridge333 Sun 10-Mar-19 23:48:55

Can someone please help with regards to Kallo stock cubes please . I left the chicken one to cool before adding it to steak in the slow cooker however I forgot about it and it was left On the worktop for 3 hours . Will this be ok ???

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