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What is the average weight of a small banana minus its skin? PLEASE!!!!!!! Can't find the blasted scales!

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TooTicky Sat 07-Jul-07 16:40:19


TooTicky Sat 07-Jul-07 16:44:32

Pretty please...

SoupDragon Sat 07-Jul-07 16:45:55


SoupDragon Sat 07-Jul-07 16:47:20

A waitrose Small Fairtrade banana is 68g

mamama Sat 07-Jul-07 17:06:00

Don't kow why but lol @ this thread. Very unhelpful, I know.

Can you give us some context?

SoupDragon Sat 07-Jul-07 17:07:26

Oi! I had to eat a banana for you, come back!

mamama Sat 07-Jul-07 17:16:03

Soupy's right - you can't ask a very bizarre question, make someone weigh a banana for you and then not tell us why

SoupDragon Sat 07-Jul-07 17:17:09

Oh blimey, she said average weight. Do I have to peel-weigh-eat the whole bunch and work out the average weight??

unknownrebelbang Sat 07-Jul-07 17:19:40


Life's too short to weight a banana, surely?

(apart from at the checkout of course)

mamama Sat 07-Jul-07 17:22:22

Better finish the bunch, soupdragon!

unknownrebelbang Sat 07-Jul-07 17:23:53

Lol, life's definitely too short to weighT a banana.

I meant weigh.

TooTicky Sat 07-Jul-07 18:12:33

Oh thank you SoupDragon. Sorry to abscond but I was cooking and ds2 claimed the computer. In the end I used 3 bananas as 8oz as I just had no idea. Cake looks nice though

mamama Sun 08-Jul-07 00:37:57

Glad it worked out well

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