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Help - have bought some frozen soya mince - now need inspiration!

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chocolateshoes Sat 07-Jul-07 14:51:13

anyone? usually I used letils as a meat substitute but thought I'd give soya mince a go. Maybe a chilli or even a shepherds pie as it is pretty wintry here. Does anyone have any tried and tested ideas?

ForcesSweetheart Sat 07-Jul-07 15:28:48

Moussaka. Nuke a couple of aubergines for 5 mins (remembering to prick them so they don't explode) then slice and fry in a little olive oil til nice and soft (won't soak up so much once nuked). Make a bolognese style sauce using the soya mince, passata or tinned tomatoes, onion, garlic, herbs of your choice. Layer up mince sauce, aubergines, more mince sauce, layer of sliced cooked potatoes and top with natural greek yogurt mixed with grated cheese (I like it with parmesan but I reckon an strong cheese would do the trick) and bung in the oven til cooked thru and brown on top. I love this served with some crusty bread but you could be more healthy and have salad I guess. HTH

Mercy Sat 07-Jul-07 15:33:36

I tend to use soya mince in a curry, eg with potatoes and mushrooms or just with peas.

chocolateshoes Sat 07-Jul-07 18:59:05

Thanks for those! Am very into Mpussaka at the moment so will give that one a go. Cheers!

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