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"Adult" meals

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Blankiefan Sat 02-Mar-19 07:27:57

Despite my commitment to Annabel Karmel style cooking during weaning, 5yo DD now rejects all visible veg! Family meals are things like spag bol, chilli, kormas, with plenty of hidden veg and the inevitable pesto pasta, fish fingers, etc.

DD now has activities 2 nights per week which means she needs to eat early so DH and I want to embrace a broader range of meals again. I'm a bit stumped at what tho! So far in my list give got a smoked salmon and mushroom custless quiche and the zingy salmon and brown rice salad from Good Food. Meals still need to be quite quick to cook - ready in 45 mins tops. Any ideas?

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 02-Mar-19 12:32:14

Sweet potato and red pepper curry
Home made fish cakes
Chicken and chorizo tray bake
Tuna steaks for a proper nicois
Pasta arabiata
Linguine with crab and chilli
Mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese

Ricekrispie22 Sat 02-Mar-19 14:59:32

All these are quick and serve 2
Egg fried rice
Prawn curry
Stroganoff steaks
Stuffed chicken
Prawn pasta in white wine sauce
Gong bao chicken

Blankiefan Sat 02-Mar-19 16:43:38

Oh fab. Loads of ideas. I think my recipe filter is stuck on "family" so this is a great bump. Thanks loads.

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foodiemama26 Sun 10-Mar-19 14:18:39

I love loads of spice and heat when not eating with kids so we have steak fajitas or nachos with lots of jalapeños and cajun spices. Gnocchi is fab for a quick meal and depending on what you put in the sauce can make it feel more ‘adult’. Risotto with actual visable veg! I’ve found some good oven bake recipes for risottos which make them more mid week friendly.

SlangBack Sun 10-Mar-19 14:22:06

I need to do this for DD, we are atuck in a rut for food.

EmperorBallpitine Sun 10-Mar-19 14:25:20

Leeks baked with cheese sauce or lentils and creme fraiche
Bean Chilli
sorry can't find recipe rn
Good veggie option a

SapatSea Mon 11-Mar-19 13:00:51

If you go the hello fresh site and go into recipes (archive) most of their meals are there with instructions. They are all easy and come in at around 30 minutes. The Jamie Oliver site also has recipes from his books, maybe the fifteen minutes or thirty minute ones or the five ingredient ones would suit.

PCohle Mon 11-Mar-19 16:47:17

I love the smitten kitchen blog. She has two youngish kids so in theory a lot of her stuff is family friendly, but in practice seems fairly "adult" and certainly wouldn't go down super well with my DC.

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