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Best cows milk alternative

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ppwonar Sat 23-Feb-19 11:50:24

GP has suggested I may have a temporary lactose intolerance and should try to cut out dairy to see if it improves. Looking for recommendations for nicest/least offensive milk substitutes. Most of my milk is in cereal, but may switch to porridge if I don't like the taste. I don't like marzipan or strong almond taste so worried I might not like almond milk!

Thanks in advance.

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dementedpixie Sat 23-Feb-19 11:55:20

If it's just lactose you need to cut out then you can get lactofree cows milk in the supermarket. It's cows milk with the lactose broken down

Loulzze Sat 23-Feb-19 11:55:29

For porridge etc I'd try oat milk? More creamy and will 'go' with porridge and cereal

ppwonar Sat 23-Feb-19 11:59:07

@dementedpixie oh cool, I didn't realise that! It could be an option. She wasn't specific about what I should cut out (i.e. i did have cheese on pizza last night) but I love my cereal and as I'm 8 wks pg and suffering badly from sickness too not being able to have it isn't helping. I might try that in the first instance and see if it helps while I'm waiting for results of tests to come back.

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NumbersLetters Sat 23-Feb-19 12:57:03

I actively choose oat milk over cow in my coffee and porridge. It's delish.

NameChange30 Sat 23-Feb-19 13:04:19

As PP said, if you are lactose intolerant, you can have lactose-free dairy products.

My son has CMPA so we can't have the lactose-free stuff (they still contain the protein he's allergic to). We use Oatly Barista, it's the closest to cow's milk in terms of taste and consistency. It's fine with cereal and in hot drinks (I make hot chocolate with it).

If I were you I'd try a lactose-free milk and Oatly Barista and see which you prefer.

But you'll need to cut out all dairy, at least for a few weeks to see if it helps. Then you can try reintroducing - there is a milk ladder for CMPA, not sure if it would be different for lactose intolerance.

witchy89 Sat 23-Feb-19 13:07:00

I only drink plant milk and I think the least offensive is probably oat milk, or hemp milk. Both are quite creamy. Oat milk is nice in coffee and tea. I have unsweetened soya milk in my cereal though as the oat milk is sometimes a bit rich!

LongtimeLurker29 Sat 23-Feb-19 13:33:24

Oatly barista is the best one smile

Ricekrispie22 Sat 23-Feb-19 13:52:48

Rice milk goes well with cereal.

ppwonar Sat 23-Feb-19 13:57:12

Thanks all, I'll add one of each to my shop coming tomorrow. GP's theory was that some of my symptoms (diarrhoea and very itchy rash) might be explained as a lactose intolerance post viral infection and suggested I cut it out. To be honest the most difficult thing for me will be breakfast, should be able to cut the rest of my dairy intake out easily.

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ppwonar Sat 23-Feb-19 13:58:36

Oh no oatly barista at the Tesco I get my delivery from, whole or semi?

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witchy89 Sat 23-Feb-19 14:11:00

The normal oatly is nice too, and the alpro one. Alpro one is on offer at the moment I think.

Laterthanyouthink Sat 23-Feb-19 14:33:54

Are they testing for coeliac disease too? That often goes along with lactose intolerance.

ppwonar Sat 23-Feb-19 14:47:12

@laterthanyouthink she didn't mention it. Not sure if I've heard of that coming on post virus?

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LongtimeLurker29 Sat 23-Feb-19 14:54:58

The normal Oatly one is ok too. I just prefer the barista one as it's a bit creamier x

Laterthanyouthink Sat 23-Feb-19 15:14:52

It's not clear what triggers it as far as I know, it's genetic though so other family members might have it or another autoimmune disease (diabetes type 1, hypothyroidism).

Foodylicious Sat 23-Feb-19 15:25:00

Alpro hazelnut milk is lovely on cereal and in coffee.

Alicatz66 Sat 23-Feb-19 19:08:01

Koko coconut is nice and so is oatly ... but the only one I have found that is ok in tea is unsweetened soya x

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