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Cakes you'll never ever ever do again

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vinegarqueen Thu 21-Feb-19 09:28:39

Just made Nigella Italian yogurt pot cake. Involved corn starch and separating eggs, whisking egg white and all the faff that involves.

Tasted completely meh. Texture wonderful, but just had a sort of vague cooking oil taste that I've never had with other oil-based cakes. Never again. Other cakes you'd never bother with again?

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rightreckoner Thu 21-Feb-19 09:31:16

Another Nigella one. Holiday hot cake - recommended on here shock. Revoltingly sweet and bland with a weirdly medicinal taste (mace? Cloves?). Horrible. It went straight in the bin.

rightreckoner Thu 21-Feb-19 09:32:07

Also controversial - but Italian cakes are not nice generally. They can do mains and pasta. We do cakes.

AnotherRubberDuck Thu 21-Feb-19 11:50:26

Battenburg. So much effort! Much easier and cheaper to just buy it.

vinegarqueen Thu 21-Feb-19 12:19:20

I have never tried an Italian cake before! Nigella always describes things so beautifully I thought (like every other one of hers I have made) it would be wonderful. Sadly not.

Agreed: Battenberg an utter waste of time as what everyone craves is the almond-essence hit of a Mr Kipling. I haven't done one, but my poor brother decided that this would be his first attempt at baking.

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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 21-Feb-19 12:30:45

The German apple cake recipe that I was given with a sourdough starter (called Herman, I think). I don't think I have ever met a cake, before or since, that I couldn't eat - but this apple cake was a complete waste of calories, as far as I was concerned - never mind the effort and time spent making it.

The dses ate it though, so it wasn't a total waste.

stayingaliveisawayoflife Thu 21-Feb-19 13:28:34

Oh I have a Herman sitting in the kitchen now. The first one I tried banana and honey was awful but the rest have been great. Haven't put apple in it once but the lemon and blueberry one was fab. I am very popular every 10 days when I take cake into work.

vinegarqueen Thu 21-Feb-19 13:33:35

Oh I LOVE those german friendship cakes. An acquired taste from my childhood, I imagine, as the flavour is sweetened yeast.

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ForgivenessIsDivine Thu 21-Feb-19 13:35:59

Gluten free sponge layer cake in rainbow colours. Every single layer was flat!!! Truly awful!!

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 21-Feb-19 13:36:19

Nigella's polenta cake, it was like gritty lemon sand, bleeeruuurgh

rightreckoner Thu 21-Feb-19 13:38:55

See. Nigella plus Italian. It's a theme grin

Disfordarkchocolate Thu 21-Feb-19 13:43:06

Nigella's chocolate and banana muffins. It wasn't the recipe it was the chocolate and banana combination, made me nauseous. Never eaten a banana since.

vinegarqueen Thu 21-Feb-19 14:14:22

@rightreckoner I bow to your wisdom. I also dimly remember putting gold leaf on a creme brulee at her instruction confused. But there is nothing like her damp chocolate loaf cake from Domestic Goddess (notaeuphememismIswear) so I forgive her.

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