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Passata - what do you do with it?

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hoolagirl Thu 05-Jul-07 18:39:39

Ok, I bought a carton of this flavoured with garlic and herbs, is it suitable to use as a bolognase (?) sauce with mince?

RubySlippers Thu 05-Jul-07 18:40:06

yes - will be fine

essbeehindyou Thu 05-Jul-07 18:41:12

Message withdrawn

RubberDuck Thu 05-Jul-07 18:41:16

I use it as the tomato base for pizza - if you don't use the whole carton it freezes well, btw.

nomdeplume Thu 05-Jul-07 18:41:55

Yes but cook it down, it will enrich the colour, flavour and it will make it much thicker. Chuck a glass of red wine in with it and cook down (reduce by about 50%, imo) and it will make a delicious pasta sauce.

You might want to add a pinch of sugar too, just to take the edge of any acidity (as well as s&p)

hoolagirl Thu 05-Jul-07 18:45:48

I usually peel and chop tomatoes for my pasta sauce base and just can't be arsed doing this anymore, so hopefully this will be a good alternative.

nomdeplume Thu 05-Jul-07 18:50:52

it's perfect for that purpose hoolagirl, just treat it as you would chopped toms

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