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Replacement for bacon or chorizo

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Imperfectsusan Tue 19-Feb-19 14:36:33

I'm very swayed by the arguments against bacon, chorizo etc (nitrosamines and other preservatives).

Some of the recipes I use call for them. I'm waif there are any alternatives people are aware of?

We never were big eaters of bacon etc, but I did used to cut a rasher into soups, some stews and rice dishes.


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leafinthewind Tue 19-Feb-19 14:38:49

If you don't eat a lot, does it matter?

If you only add a rasher or two to stews, it's mostly it's adding salt, I reckon. Worcestershire sauce might be a good sub? It has a salty, meatiness about it.

AdaColeman Tue 19-Feb-19 14:42:28

Parmesan would add a depth of flavour to soups, as does good home made stock. Mushrooms are another option.

Imperfectsusan Tue 19-Feb-19 14:43:05

Thank you.
That's what I have been doing.,I just wonder what else there is?

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maslinpan Tue 19-Feb-19 14:43:45

Smoked paprika is good.

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Tue 19-Feb-19 14:43:49

Would turkey rashers be any better?

PalmTree101 Tue 19-Feb-19 14:44:51

Smoked paprika adds a chorizo style taste to dishes

PalmTree101 Tue 19-Feb-19 14:45:17

You can also buy liquid smoke

mimibunz Tue 19-Feb-19 14:47:35

Agree about smoked paprika! I’ve also recently gone pork free and I’m amazed by how much bacon is in so many dishes.

Hoppinggreen Tue 19-Feb-19 14:48:54

Sainsbury’s do bacon and ham called naked and it has no nitrates in it
We don’t eat much bacon but DS loves ham so I prefer him to eat that one

LuluBellaBlue Tue 19-Feb-19 14:51:34

Aubergine or Mushrooms both work well, like sponges for flavour.
Loads of recipes here:

CarolinePooter Tue 19-Feb-19 14:53:30

You can buy old fashioned dry cured bacon, likewise Parma ham is just pork and salt. I often use a tiny bit to add flavour to a dish. You don't need much as it is very salty.

Imperfectsusan Tue 19-Feb-19 14:56:57

Those are all great suggestions. I hadn't thought of smoked paprika. Parmesans a good one

Yes bacon is really is in lots of stuff. The article I read on it really convinced me that it is dodgy, and I would say our food styles are healthy but not spotless!

Thank you everybody.

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Yotam Tue 19-Feb-19 14:57:24

What about anchovies? They can give a meaty taste to tomato sauce.

Loopytiles Tue 19-Feb-19 14:58:22

YY to the paprika for chorizo, Spanish friends did this when on a health kick.

Salt for bacon.

WinterHeatWave Tue 19-Feb-19 16:23:20

Living in a country where pork of all forms is banned, I'd say there is no perfect replacement.
Anchovies, paprika etc can head you in that direction, but cured pork is irreplaceable in many dishes - even cured beef and Turkey replacements dont always work.

Imperfectsusan Tue 19-Feb-19 19:26:26

I'll have to try them all in turn and see which is best!

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Bayleyf Wed 20-Feb-19 11:02:14

Haloumi can be a good chorizo substitute, giving you salty chewy little bites.

They are FULL of salt and colourings so might not be the healthy alternative you're looking for, but bacon flavour salad sprinkles are usually veggie!

LaFreaka Wed 20-Feb-19 12:43:32

Imperfectsusan Thu 21-Feb-19 23:41:58

You are all incredibly helpful. 💐

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Greensleeves Thu 21-Feb-19 23:44:35

When I want a salty, umame kick without pork, I use anchovies, capers, halloumi or kalamata olives.

PlatypusPie Thu 21-Feb-19 23:52:39

Sainsbury’s do a turkey ‘chorizo’ ( Spanish origin) - I have used it when cooking for a frequent guest who doesn’t eat pork. Quite good.

ErrolTheDragon Fri 22-Feb-19 00:08:34

Olives and sundried tomatoes can give a good salty little kick in some dishes. Or capers, if you like them.

Love smoked paprika.

brookshelley Fri 22-Feb-19 00:11:26

Use uncured pork belly and smoked paprika.

Bluesheep8 Sun 24-Feb-19 09:22:53

Definitely smoked paprika. It bears almost no resemblance to regular paprika. Also Henderson's relish or Worcester sauce. Or soy sauce.

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