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Hugely proud moment - please can I gloat (if that's the right word)?

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Lovecat Thu 05-Jul-07 14:32:07

DD has just, of her own volition, eaten 2 green beans, a pea and a sweetcorn kernel. Plus 2 fingerfuls of mash on the pretext that it was a 'baby cloud'.

This may not sound like a big deal in the general scheme of things, but after a FRIGGIN' YEAR AND A HALF of crying/whinging/throwing/shouting/refusing point blank to anything remotely vegetableish, no matter how it was cooked/presented/bribed/cajoled/younameitI'vetriedit, this is such a HUGE thing for me!

She ate it of her own accord!!!!

<dances round the kitchen beaming unstoppably>


I'll go now....

throckenholt Thu 05-Jul-07 14:33:24

lilolilmanchester Thu 05-Jul-07 23:26:34

Great news, you must be delighted and I hope your post will give some hope to the others posting about eating veg!

Lovecat Fri 06-Jul-07 15:46:54

Yay, thanks for the responses!

(was beginning to feel a bit ignored there - maybe I should have posted something controversial about VSP and added the veg thing as a postscript!)

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