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Beef wellington

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mckenzie Sat 16-Feb-19 10:24:06

I fancy making this tonight and my go to is usually the BBC good food website. Their recipe calls for pancetta though and DH doesn’t like pancetta. Can anybody recommend a recipe please?

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CherryPavlova Sat 16-Feb-19 10:30:06

I don’t really use a recipe but this comes close.

I do use a layer of pancakes underneath the pastry to hold pate or duxelles in close to the beef and prevent pastry staining.

myrtleWilson Sat 16-Feb-19 10:37:24

We us that recipe too Cherry but don't add pancakes

mckenzie Sat 16-Feb-19 10:50:48

Thank you very much. I’ll try it without the pancakes today and see how I get on. I’ve heard that it is a tough dish to crack. It’s only the in-laws coming for dinner gringrin

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