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Mint cheese?

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Raera Fri 15-Feb-19 15:28:17

I bought some Squeaky Cheese, which is like halloumi. Got it home and it has mint in it, what on earth can I use it for?

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Debruary Fri 15-Feb-19 15:30:08

Use it as halloumi grin

AdaColeman Fri 15-Feb-19 15:37:17

Just use it as you normally would. Feta sometimes has mint in it also.

WatcherOfTheNight Fri 15-Feb-19 15:43:08

Kebabs with peppers ,courgette,mushrooms ,onion and tomatoes
Griddled then eaten with salad .

I also love it added to any traybake ,I put it in sliced peppers .

Bayleyf Fri 15-Feb-19 18:10:41

Fry it and eat it with roast veg and tahini sauce.

Fry it and eat it with a lemony salad.

Just fry it and eat it.

cdtaylornats Fri 15-Feb-19 18:18:36

Kebab with lamb

Wallabyone Fri 15-Feb-19 18:18:57

Halloumi traditionally has mint in with it in its brine! Enjoy

Raera Tue 19-Feb-19 18:37:22

Thanks all, decided on traybake veg, cheese and lamb meatballs. Yum, I need to buy another pack!

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