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Can any wine connoisseurs work put hold old this champagne is, and can I drink it?

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hummanahummana Fri 15-Feb-19 12:16:33

The batch number is MN-250-001. It's at least 20 years old according to my grandmother. Will it taste rank?

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hummanahummana Fri 15-Feb-19 12:17:36

*work out how old 🙄

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beenandgoneandbackagain Fri 15-Feb-19 12:35:17

If it's a NV then it will be hard to date. I would guess, looking at the colour of the label, that it is around the 1999 year. Sad that it's not a vintage because that was quite a good year for Moet.

If it has been stored correctly, i.e. on it's side and in cool but steady temperature, then it shouldn't taste too rank, but unlike red wine, fizzy white wine doesn't improve with age.

To open it, leave it upright for 3-4 hours for any sediment to settle, then open and pour as gently as possible.

If it smells like a sewer the wine has been corked - if you are desperate to rescue it, sometimes filtering it through a coffee filter will remove some of the taint.


beenandgoneandbackagain Fri 15-Feb-19 12:39:50

I've had a quick google and it looks like the disgorgement date was 2001 wine so I was 2 years out.

hummanahummana Fri 15-Feb-19 14:40:06

Ah thank you so much! I will open it next weekend then. No point saving it if there's a possibility it may be off. Thank you. I had another bottle that was 20-25 years old back in 2016, and it tasted great, so there's a chance it could be ok.

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