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Tinned artichoke dip

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Chewbecca Sat 09-Feb-19 11:23:33

Does anyone have the recipe for the above - was posted by a member of @MNHQ & I swear I took a screenshot but can't find it now!

I can find online recipes for a hot dip with mayo and parmesan but that doesn't appeal & I recall this one did.


AuntieOxident Sat 09-Feb-19 17:17:29

I think it was this one — about what to service at a middle class buffet! (I posted on it)

AuntieOxident Sat 09-Feb-19 17:17:48

Serve not service.

Chewbecca Sat 09-Feb-19 19:49:49

Thank you - that was it!
I did the mayo,garlic and parmesan one in the end and it wasn't bad at all but this is definitely more middle class.

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