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What can I make with these ingredients?

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mckenzie Tue 05-Feb-19 17:24:56

I have got to start using up some store cupboard ingredients rather than just buying more and more!
In the fridge I have some Chicken breasts.
In the cupboard I have the following
Sun dried tomatoes
Roasted red peppers
Porcini mushrooms
Porcini mushroom powder
Black eyed beans
Cannellini beans
chick peas
Dill mustard
Horseradish plus a plethora of tinned tomatoes smile

I’ve also got broccoli, swede, carrots and spinach in the fridge

Any ideas please? It’s for tomorrow so I can buy bits to add if necessary.

And if you inspire me with 2 meals out of that lot I will adore you forever grin


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HowlsMovingBungalow Tue 05-Feb-19 17:27:58

Mushroom risotto
Tray bake chicken ( with peppers and veg)
Bean Chilli

TeddyIsaHe Tue 05-Feb-19 17:30:47

Cannellini and Porcini mushroom stew with spinach and sundried tomatoes

Lentil dal with roasted brocolli on top

Red pepper hummus with the chickpeas

And an excellent root veg and whatever’s left soup!

OneStepMoreFun Tue 05-Feb-19 17:33:03

I'd make
Chickpea, tinned tomato, carrot and spinach curry

Chicken tray bake with sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers, broccoli and chickpeas

I'd save the porcini mushrooms and powder for a risotto if you eat carbs (no mention of them on your list)

drwitch Tue 05-Feb-19 17:33:43

chicken & mushroom risotto
minestrone soup (sweat onions, carrots swede garlic until soft) - add wine+ tins of toms and reduce still sticky - add some stock (cube is fine) and tins of beans bring to boil and add cook broccoli and or spinach
Think you could do a roasted pepper & chickpea salad
grilled chicken on braised lentils (with carrots)
pasta with broccoli

WinterHeatWave Tue 05-Feb-19 17:34:08

We do a version of pesto chicken pasta which I'm sure the roasted peppers would go nicely in with the subdried tomatoes.

The spinach and lentils are saying indian to me, but not sure what your spice rack is like!

FairyAnn Tue 05-Feb-19 17:42:19

I would put everything (if it fits) into a slow cooker, with some sausage as well if you have it, and make a stew

sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 05-Feb-19 18:02:28

a sundried tomato omelette is the only thing i can think of (soo tired!). i use this recipe and add spinach into the mix before cooking.

mckenzie Tue 05-Feb-19 18:12:08

Thank you SO much everyone. Lots to inspire me there.
Onestepmorefun, please may you tell me more Re the tray bake? Do I literally just put the ingredients in a baking tray and put in the oven?

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Clutterbugsmum Tue 05-Feb-19 18:15:17

please may you tell me more Re the tray bake? Do I literally just put the ingredients in a baking tray and put in the oven? Yes with a little oil and some herbs.

Hippychick78 Tue 05-Feb-19 18:25:23

Ohhhhhh soup.....!!!! I've made the potato coriander one but quite fancy the lentil one. Depends on your store cupboard. I used carrot parsnip potato and onion instead of leeks so they are all pretty adaptable

Hippychick78 Tue 05-Feb-19 18:27:05

Highly recommend this one as I make it all the time very tasty and Hearty

mckenzie Tue 05-Feb-19 18:53:21

thanks for the extra replies. I'm going to be busy tomorrow making soup!!! yum yum

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Hippychick78 Tue 05-Feb-19 19:18:40

Fabulous id love to hear of they go well they look good. Happy cooking

Is great to be able to produce a nice dinner from what you have in!!!

kateandme Tue 05-Feb-19 21:16:18

tin tomatos.chickpeas.lentil chicken stew.with the roasted red peppers and tomatos and rice or jacket
hotpot with using cicken tomatos etc.
making a smash out of carrot and swede can either be served with or like a topping for you stew


kateandme Tue 05-Feb-19 21:24:25

kateandme Tue 05-Feb-19 21:30:22 make it go further with some chickepas or your beans

OneStepMoreFun Tue 05-Feb-19 23:10:23

@McKenzie Yes. Just put the hcicke in first with a splash of wine, stock or water to stop it form drying out. Cook it for about 20 mins, then add the rest and cook for another 20 mins. Add garlic and herbs etc if you want too.

OneStepMoreFun Tue 05-Feb-19 23:11:13

chicken not hcicke - no idea what happened to my brain there!

mckenzie Wed 06-Feb-19 18:36:48

Hippychick, I’ve made the butternut squash, chick pea and spinach soup, exactly as per the recipe.
It’s a thumbs down from me. I’ll eat it because it’s healthy but not because it taste very nice. I have blitzed some of it and as it’s got spinach in it, it’s a rather yucky colour which isn’t helping.
Shame huh?
Never mind. I’m going to try the black eyed beans and cavolo nero one tomorrow.

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