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Breakfast recommendations

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sophied1983 Sun 03-Feb-19 19:34:11

My little one is at childminder four days a week. We take breakfast with us. She has cereal all the time (usually malties) and dried apricots/raisins. Then usually a pot of fresh fruit or a yoghurt. What else could I pack to change it up a bit? It's great now as I put it all in pots on a Sunday so it's minimum preparation during the week. Or shall I just accept this is probably the most convenient option? Given that I have the same breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY - don't know why I'm so worried about her having choice haha...

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PRoseLegend Sun 03-Feb-19 19:37:36

You could try overnight oats?
Mix oats and milk in a 1:1 ratio, cover, and leave in fridge overnight.
In the morning you can mix in fruit, cinnamon, honey etc, and eat cold or heat up in microwave.

GemmeFatale Sun 03-Feb-19 23:26:43

Hard boiled egg, cheese, cooked meat and bread roll?

Cold slices of frittata?

Salmon and cream cheese bagel?

Peanut butter and jam sandwich?

elephantoverthehill Sun 03-Feb-19 23:32:04

Err no to peanut butter, in case other children have allergies. I used to do a variety cereal pack and some fruit.

Blondie1984 Mon 04-Feb-19 00:06:04

How about making some oat or banana pancakes for her to take? You can make them in advance and then just portion...

Breakfast muffins - make them at the weekend, freeze them and just take one out the night before you need it

Hot cross bun with spread/mashed banana

Ricekrispie22 Mon 04-Feb-19 05:31:48

I was so chuffed when I discovered this baked oats idea
It’s so quick now that I’ve got the hang of them and they’re fine eaten cold

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