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Jaxtellerswife Sun 03-Feb-19 08:49:00

I'm 38 with a family about to become 6. I think it's time I learnt how to make pancakes, it must almost be pancake day.
I've tried every year and so has my partner but we haven't yet made even one decent one.
I want to impress with pancake prowess this year.
Any tips?

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divafever99 Sun 03-Feb-19 08:51:16

I'm 36 and I still can't make pancakes! Every year they turn into a sloppy mess, even with new pan last year just couldn't turn it over. Will be following this thread for tips! grin

Ifailed Sun 03-Feb-19 08:53:49

once you've made up the batter, put it in the fridge for at least an hour.

greenelephantscarf Sun 03-Feb-19 08:55:18

for 6 you will need a lot smile

what kind do you prefer? small fluffy ones or large thin ones?

greenelephantscarf Sun 03-Feb-19 08:58:19

thin: 1 egg 1 cup flour 1 cup milk (scale up, the single measure is enough for 2)
I use the liquidiser of my food processor. blitz everything together and then leave for a bit.

non stick pan - medium temperature. flip over when first side looks dry

greenelephantscarf Sun 03-Feb-19 09:00:27

thick: 1 egg 1 cup self raising flour (or plain flour & baking powder) half cup milk (scale up, the single measure is enough for 2)
I use the liquidiser of my food processor. blitz everything together and then don't leave for a bit.

non stick pan - medium temperature. flip over when the bubbled don't fill in anymore

EngagedAgain Sun 03-Feb-19 09:05:56

Serving that many I'd do thicker ones and if you want to eat together keep warm in oven. It's still something that needs to be done quick! They are best served immediately though, fluffier.

Jaxtellerswife Sun 03-Feb-19 09:09:55

Big thin ones like my mum made grin I'm excited to try!
Family member number 6 not born yet so technically I'll have to eat hers for her if I get it right

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MotherForkinShirtBalls Sun 03-Feb-19 09:11:45

Delia's crepe recipe is perfect every time. Use a ladle of some sort rather than just pouring into the pan so you can control the amount. Little bit of butter to coat the pan between pancakes.

wowfudge Sun 03-Feb-19 09:14:13

Not having the pan hot enough is a surefire way for them to stick - it's often the reason the first one doesn't turn out right.

Ifailed Sun 03-Feb-19 09:14:14

If you want to turn out a lot in a short time, use two pans, or even three if they will fit on the cooker.

HoraceCope Sun 03-Feb-19 09:16:08

I use two pans, one for melting the butter.
the first pancake is almost always a disaster, they get better and better

HSMMaCM Sun 03-Feb-19 09:16:44

I use the cup of milk, flour and an egg too. It doesn't seem to matter much what size the cups are. The first pancake nearly always fails, so don't give up straight away.

MaverickSnoopy Sun 03-Feb-19 09:23:03

The pan needs to be HOT. When it's hot enough add a tsp of oil and let that become really hot, then you can add the mix.

EngagedAgain Sun 03-Feb-19 09:27:02

Good idea about using 3 pans, have them going at different stages though, but that'll happen naturally. Plus ladle idea is good or you'll run out of mixture then be a faff making more. Best to make more than enough. Experiment first with making one. I always leave my mixture out covered, at room temp for ten min. At last min give a good whisk up with fork. Adds air so fluffier. Ps, do not tip waste down sink, think it clogs it up.

Heratnumber7 Sun 03-Feb-19 09:35:43

It's not "pancake day", it's Shrove Tuesday.

Stinkytoe Sun 03-Feb-19 09:39:57

Fortunately, because Easter is so late, shrove Tuesday isn’t until March this year so you’ve lots of time to practise.

PristineCondition Sun 03-Feb-19 09:41:31

It's not "pancake day", it's Shrove Tuesday.

Wow that added so much to the conversation....

HoraceCope Sun 03-Feb-19 09:41:47

? waste,
there is never any waste from pancakes! grin

greenelephantscarf Sun 03-Feb-19 09:43:23

how old is your oldest?
I taught dc to make pancakes at age 8. dc is ace at it

Ricekrispie22 Sun 03-Feb-19 10:17:17

Use a non stick pan and make sure it is piping hot before you put the batter in.
Use unsalted butter in the pan as it tastes better and burns less easily. Don’t use too much though.
Use whole milk and sift the flour. Incorporate the milk very slowly.
Don’t over mix the batter as they’ll be chewy. Rest the batter for at least 30 minutes, longer if possible.
As soon as the batter hits the pan, tip it around from side to side to get the base evenly coated with a nice thin layer of batter.
It’s the perfect time for flipping when the bubbles start to pop and the edges of the pancake are golden. Shake the pan to loosen the pancake, then flip it in one swift movement. To flip, tip the pan down to a 45 degree angle, then bring it back up sharply with a flick of the wrist.

slappinthebass Sun 03-Feb-19 10:26:10

I just spoon some flour in a jug, crack an egg in, then pour in milk whilst whisking. I never measure, mixture should be like single cream, not too thick. Don't worry about how much egg, you can make delicious vegan pancakes with just flour and plant milk, I've made eggless pancakes plenty of times.

I find pancakes then our better without oil in a non stick pan, no risk of the oil burning.

Man, I really want pancakes now but I'm on a diet.

nevernotstruggling Sun 03-Feb-19 10:32:55

Bbc good food pancake recipe and a pancake pan. They are £3.99 in the range just now called crepe pan or similar. My mum got me one it's a revelation!!!

We have pancakes or waffles every weekend. Make the batter the night before and leave it in the fridge. Easy and quick!

FamilyOfAliens Sun 03-Feb-19 10:34:24

Having a good quality non-stick pan seems to be the key.

Mine’s a Jamie Oliver one - cost £50 five years ago but has more than paid for itself.

DrMadelineMaxwell Sun 03-Feb-19 10:41:34

I've just bought a crepe pancake pan from Iceland... for the princely sum of £4 and it made the thinnest pancakes I've ever made. It was lovely.

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