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Frozen mozarella

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2Happy Tue 03-Jul-07 12:55:48

Not sure if this should be in recipes, health, or relationships lol!

Does anyone know if, once one's damn fool dh has put a lump of buffalo mozarella in the FREEZER by mistake it can be thawed and used?

witchandchips Tue 03-Jul-07 13:01:34

Think it should be okay, after all you can freeze cheddar but it may not be as nice. [texture may change] I'd cook with it rather than eat it raw

2Happy Tue 03-Jul-07 13:03:59

Thank you...I think I will have it on home-made pizza (and give dh beans on toast for being a pillock! )

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 03-Jul-07 15:57:53

it will be fine - we always freeze ours

2Happy Tue 03-Jul-07 19:53:26

Hmm I don't think I'll tell dh that or he'll claim he knew what he was doing all along

lou33 Tue 03-Jul-07 19:54:59

lol dd1 did this the other day, i also found a bunch of spring onions in there

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