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Frozen food delivery

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Magissa Tue 29-Jan-19 12:06:48

I've just received my delivery and some items feel quite soft... Garlic bread, potatoes, pizza, mozzarella sticks. It's not a hot day so I don't understand how this has happened. Do you think it is safe to eat or shall I bin it. I'm going to contact the store anyway so hopefully they can arrange replacements but it seems such a waste.

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TheRhythmlessMan Tue 29-Jan-19 17:45:45

What does it say on the packets?
I would bin the pizza if there's meat/fish on it.

Bigonesmallone3 Tue 29-Jan-19 17:52:09

I'd keep it

TheQueef Tue 29-Jan-19 17:53:12

Eat it.
It's defrosting not contaminated.

TheRhythmlessMan Tue 29-Jan-19 19:12:31

Oh sorry I misread and thought you were asking if it's safe to refreeze.
If you're not doing that then I'd keep the whole lot.

kateandme Tue 29-Jan-19 19:54:23

once we did a shop and forgot we had frozen stuff and did other bits and was soft but no prblems.the food you mentioned should be fine.soft is different to heated or warm.
id only really worry about meat or visibly spoiled stuff.

hugoagogo Tue 29-Jan-19 20:01:30

I would would worry if it was meat, but those things will be ok.

Magissa Tue 29-Jan-19 21:13:33

Thanks everyone. I was trying to get organised and fill the freezer. I normally shop weekly but never seem to have a store of frozen food so did a big online order. It was just frustrating as I unpacked this morning finding partially defrosted food. Luckily fish, meat and veg was all fine.

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