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Gritty buttercream

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Sweetpea55 Mon 28-Jan-19 17:05:42

Why is my buttercream always gritty.. What am I doing wrong?

RB68 Mon 28-Jan-19 17:10:29

Use butter, don't use cheap icing sugr -sift icing sugar - use a couple of spoons of milk and whisk in mixer for at least 5 minutes, That should sort it for you - oh and get the proportions right too - check out recipes (hummingbird one is what I use)

Vitalogy Mon 28-Jan-19 17:10:53

Are you using sieved icing sugar. And room temperature butter.

Fairylea Mon 28-Jan-19 17:13:12

Definitely sieved icing sugar and proper butter. And a LOT of mixing!!

ICJump Mon 04-Feb-19 08:34:22

I don’t sieve my icing sugar but I beat the icing for ages.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 04-Feb-19 08:39:50

What brand of icing sugar are you using? Mine is never gritty.

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