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ok I'm going to try anfd make microwaved scrambled

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zippit Mon 02-Jul-07 12:39:45

I've got some eggs and a pyrex jug

does anybody have some instructions

this is about as much as I can do at the mo

geekgirl Mon 02-Jul-07 12:41:18

beat eggs

put in microwave

take out and stir about a bit every 20 seconds

eat when cooked

laneydaye Mon 02-Jul-07 12:41:38

bit of milk, bit of pepper.... whisk and cook to trry 2 mins depending on your microwave.... whisk and finish off...mmmm

Whoooosh Mon 02-Jul-07 12:42:04

Warning-they won't be great but here goes.

Whisk up eggs,melt knob of butter in jug.
Add eggs (seasoned)microw for 30 secs at a time,stirring until it looks ok.
Depending on the power/no of eggs-may have to do 20 second bursts.

Good luck.

bobsmum Mon 02-Jul-07 12:42:16

Splash of milk, knob (love that word!) of butter, salt and pepper and stir quickly with a fork.

do it about a minute at a time on full power and wiggle a fork around it then another minute until it looks ok.

ruddynorah Mon 02-Jul-07 12:42:38

whisk them up, add a knob of butter, microwave for 2 minutes, check and stir, put in again for a minute if needed. keep an eye on it, when it puffs right up it's done. i like mine cooked right through, i know others like theirs squidgy.

zippit Mon 02-Jul-07 12:48:18

ok I shall give it a whirl

Lilymaid Mon 02-Jul-07 12:53:33

We get great scrambled eggs from the microwave but you do have to watch them.
Melt knob of butter. Add eggs (2 per person) and beat up this mixture with miniwhisk or fork. Add pepper (or even salt) if you want.I don't think you need milk or cream but this has been a great subject of MN debate in the past. If cooking for one person, you should first microwave on high for 40 seconds, then give it a good stir to break up the set part into the liquid part, then for 10 seconds at a time, stirring after each burst. When it gets nearly ready you need to look at what is happening second by second.
This works extremely well as long as you keep watching and keep stirring the mixture. You also end up with more scrambled egg than if you cooked it in a pan on the stove.

OrmIrian Mon 02-Jul-07 12:56:20

I wouldn't leave it 20 secs between beatings. More like 10 secs to start with, then about 5 secs. 20 secs can make the difference between soft and lovely scrambled egg, and yellow rubber

zippit Mon 02-Jul-07 13:01:57

thank you..I succeeded

more or less tyhe lilymaid method..neirotic stirring

I have always ended up with the kind of thing that insulates hot water tanks before

Lilymaid Mon 02-Jul-07 13:03:02

Yep I am a neurotic stirrer! Never be distracted when making scrambled egg. It needs total commitment.

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