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Using up whisky

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RockingMyFiftiesNot Fri 25-Jan-19 09:52:45

I bought some supermarket whisky to feed my Christmas cake. I don't drink whisky (although can just about bear it mixed with lots of coke). DH likes whisky but says this one is rough. Looking for ideas to use in recipes, preferably savoury as we don't eat a lot of desserts thanks

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ClashCityRocker Fri 25-Jan-19 09:58:47

Whiskey sauce goes nice with chicken and haggis and steak.

I find turning it to atholl brose (basically adding oats and honey) makes it much more drinkable. You can add cream for a baileys style drink.

ajandjjmum Fri 25-Jan-19 10:06:09

A little drop in a cup of tea at night?

whatsagoodusername Fri 25-Jan-19 10:07:30

I make baileys with cheap whiskey.

CharlyAngelic Fri 25-Jan-19 10:09:22

Make Baileys with it , then use it in bread and butter pudding.

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Fri 25-Jan-19 10:09:50

Burns night tonight. Haggis and whisky sauce. Agree with a pp that whisky sauce also goes well with steak. There's a hairy bikers recipe on the BBC recipe site.

Bittermints Fri 25-Jan-19 10:10:13

Mix with a little hot water, lemon juice and honey when you have a cold or sore throat. My mother (more or less teetotal) swears by this!

Would probably also be fine in cranachan, which is gorgeous - whipped cream, raspberries, toasted oatmeal, honey, whisky. I also add thick strained Greek yoghourt. Flaked almonds would be nice with it.

Good day to ask - Happy Burns Night to one and all!

ElvisParsley Fri 25-Jan-19 10:10:38

Stick it in the cupboard and get it back out for this year’s cake?

SunnySomer Fri 25-Jan-19 10:10:47

It won’t go off - can’t you save it for next year’s Christmas cake? (Or was it so rough it wrecked the cake?)

ChrisjenAvasarala Fri 25-Jan-19 10:11:02

Whisky and haggis soup.
Mushroom and brie soup with whisky
Whisky chicken liver pate
Venison and pork terrine with whisky

SunnySomer Fri 25-Jan-19 10:11:08

Elvis - great minds!

EmmaGrundyForPM Fri 25-Jan-19 10:11:26

How do you make Baileys with it?

ChrisjenAvasarala Fri 25-Jan-19 10:12:56

It's also nice in pheasant casserole.

You can make a really good peppercorn whisky sauce for steak or burgers.

RockingMyFiftiesNot Fri 25-Jan-19 11:03:46

Thank you all. No it wasn't rough, and was thinking I'd keep it for next year's cake. Just wondered about adding it to cooking, some great ideas here thanks. Especially savoury dishes as we try to avoid desserts

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RockingMyFiftiesNot Fri 25-Jan-19 11:05:45

Re Cranachan - can you make it with regular porridge oats? We're having friends over in a couple of weeks so will do a dessert but always have oats in, not oatmeal.

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MontanaSkies Fri 25-Jan-19 11:07:40

I keep meaning to try whisky-glazed carrots as a side dish. We have some to use up too and hardly ever drink it.

Weedsnseeds1 Fri 25-Jan-19 11:59:59

Balmoral chicken?

ChrisjenAvasarala Fri 25-Jan-19 12:39:35

Cranachan with bad whisky isn't a good idea. The flavour is too prominent so if the whisky tastes bad, the whole pudding will taste bad. It's best to use it in something with other strong flavours or spice.

fluffiphlox Fri 25-Jan-19 12:40:29

Keep it for the next cake.

4merlyknownasSHD Fri 25-Jan-19 13:03:55

Use it in a Marmalade recipe.

Bittermints Fri 25-Jan-19 14:07:36

Re cranachan - I think it wouldn't work as well with rolled oats. But will defer to others.

Re whether it's a good idea to use less than superlative whisky in cranachan - I don't know. I tend to add single malt as that's the only whisky we have (legacy of buying some years ago and rarely getting round to drinking it - it keeps for a long, long time, fortunately). I'd be perfectly happy to add some good blended whisky, though. What brand is it, OP?

RockingMyFiftiesNot Fri 25-Jan-19 14:09:59

It's just Sainsbury's own. I did suggest to DH that I buy a decent bottle so he could drink it but he rarely drinks spirits so would be more of a waste. It's not really rough, just not what my DH would drink.

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RockingMyFiftiesNot Fri 25-Jan-19 14:12:22

I think it would be ok in a sauce, if i add a little at a time and keep tasting , I won't risk it in a dessert.

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Bittermints Fri 25-Jan-19 14:24:50

I'm sure it would be absolutely fine. I'm no connoisseur, though. I happily drink own label gin. Can't see the point in paying for a brand when I can't taste the difference. Others may have more refined palates.

kateandme Fri 25-Jan-19 20:56:39

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