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spreadingchestnuttree Mon 04-Feb-19 06:29:45

Grilled and served with plain rice, veg and sweet chilli sauce. Delicious quick meal.

Bluesheep8 Mon 04-Feb-19 06:27:13

I make a spicy tomato sauce and flake mackerel into it, serve with tagliatelle.

dameofdilemma Tue 29-Jan-19 15:56:11

I like to bake it in foil, with some (sauted) garlic and ginger and a bit of soy sauce.

Dd likes it mashed with mayo and put in a wrap with sweetcorn, cucumber and chopped pepper.

Dp thinks its the devils food.

ettieb Mon 28-Jan-19 10:46:55

We have smoked mackerel salad: salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, hard boiled eggs, red onion.... delicious with an olive oil and balsamic dressing,

Kindofnewtothis Thu 24-Jan-19 17:32:44

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll deffo have a browse at all the links as well!! Think for tonight it'll just be simple with some cous cous and whatever veg is in the fridge. Will deffo be using some of these recipes for next time tho, they look fab!

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icantthinkofanotherone Thu 24-Jan-19 16:11:41

Coriander and lemon couscous and salad. With horseradish mayonnaise.

PatPhoenix Thu 24-Jan-19 16:11:39

Kale not make!

PatPhoenix Thu 24-Jan-19 16:10:56

God I love mackerel. I'm not sophisticated so would just grill the fillets and serve with astringent stuff like chopped tomatoes and salad or make or spinach with lots of herbs and vinaigrette, maybe rice or boiled potatoes. I wouldn't personally fry it or have mayonnaise with it as it's so oily.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 24-Jan-19 16:06:37

I love mackerel pate on toast for lunch.
We regularly have mackerel risotto, kedgeree, pasta bake or fish cakes

Kindofnewtothis Thu 24-Jan-19 15:31:17

I love mackerel but have no idea what to serve it with, have a few fillets and not fussy at all, please educate me any ideas appreciated!!

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