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Left over cabbage what to do?

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jellyjelly Sun 01-Jul-07 19:47:43

I dont like egg so bubble and squeak is out unless you can do it without and it stil be real, have carrots and tinned potatoes to.

Ideas please.

FlamingTomatoes Sun 01-Jul-07 19:48:49

just frizzle it6 all together with some butter - you don't need egg.

jules99 Sun 01-Jul-07 19:50:19

do you have any sweet and sour sauce?

i love sweet and sour cabbage,

you could add shreaded carrots and fry them up together

jellyjelly Mon 02-Jul-07 20:07:04

oh i might do that, would never of thought of doing that. I haev other sauces so might give it a whirl. Have snacked loads so dont feel hungry

Sixofone Tue 03-Jul-07 09:13:56

Cold cooked cabbage? chuck it out! <<boak>>

Alternatively, I do stir fry cabbage, chuck in some flaked almonds and some sesame seeds, and then drizzle with a little lemon oil to serve - yum!

I've got a fantastic veggie cook book by Madhur Jaffrey called 'World Vegetarian' (I'm not veggie but it's my favourite cook book). It's got a recipe for virtually every vegetable you care to name. I'll go and have a look and see if there's anything inspiring!

jellyjelly Tue 03-Jul-07 16:53:51

It was very nice, i cooked it with winey gravy and potatoes and sliced pork very thinly and added hot sauce. I will make it again with out leftovers next time.

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