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Meal planners anyone done theirs for next week?

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jenk1 Sat 30-Jun-07 23:36:36

ive got
roast chicken tomorrow
Mon chicken with loyd grossman red thai sauce (absolutely gorgeous) saffron rice and some sort of veg accompaniement.

Tues kedgeree (from dinner lady cookbook)

Weds chilli concarne with salad and garlic bread

Thurs dont know yet!!!!

smoggie Sat 30-Jun-07 23:59:53

Tomorrow roast chkn
Mon out at playdate - ds's, stir fry us
Tues - spanish ckn passata casserole & rice
Wed - Moussaka (DInner ladies)
Thurs - homemade salmon and pea fishcakes, pot wedges and beans
Fri 'picnic food ' ds's, curry us
Sat - BBQ (Hopefully)

portonovo Sun 01-Jul-07 10:23:13

Monday - chicken with tortillas, salad, home-made coleslaw, all the usual tortilla accompaniments (salsa, yoghurt etc)

Tues - chicken stew, probably with dumplings, I get moaned at if it's stew without dumplings!

Wed - either pumpkin or lentil soup, served with either scones or home-made bread

Thurs - smoked mackerel salad

Fri - pea risotto, with a side salad

Haven't planned any further yet!

Dottydot Sun 01-Jul-07 10:33:21

Today: roast dinner with lamb (yum!)
Monday: pesto and pasta
Tues: sausage and mash
Weds: fishfingers and chips (the boys get to vote what they have on a Weds and it's always the same... )
Thurs: pasta with tomato/tuna sauce

janeite Sun 01-Jul-07 11:37:31

Monday - lentil soup (have just made it so feeling smug now!)

Tuesday - just me and the dds - pasta pesto and salad, or omelette and salad

Weds - just me and the dds - tofu thai style soupy thing with lots of vege

Thurs - dp cooks; probably veggie shepherds pie or sausage and mash

Friday - either jacket potatoes and veggie chilli or out for curry

JARM Sun 01-Jul-07 11:58:18

come on guys - need some more ideas here! Ive got today and tomorrow sorted and thats it!!!

PestoMonster Sun 01-Jul-07 12:10:54

Not yet, I usually plan on Mondyas!

DoubleBluff Sun 01-Jul-07 12:14:30

Roast lamb today.
Mon- Spag Bol
Tues - Jacket spuds and omelettes
Weds - Chicken curry
Thurs - Pesto pasta or pizzas and salad
Fri - fish and chips

JARM Sun 01-Jul-07 13:45:34


now have :

Sun : Pork for DH, Lamb for me, new pots and salad

Mon: Chicken and veg lasagne and garlic bread

Tues: Home made beef and mushroom pie with mash pots

Wed : Roast Pork, Pots & veg

Thurs : Chicken egg fried rice & salad

Fri: Macaroni Cheese

Saturday : Pork snitzel, new pots & veg

ghosty Sun 01-Jul-07 13:50:12

We are having

Baked potatoes with filling of choice
Chicken stir fry with singapore noodles
Chili con carne
Homemade pizzas using Turkish flat breads as bases and toppings of choice
Macaroni Cheese

Most of above served with salad or veg.

brandnewhelsy Sun 01-Jul-07 13:57:58

Tomorrow cold roast chicken, rice and veg (I'm away)

Tues fish fingers potatoes and veg (I'm away)

Weds lasagne (I'm back)

Thurs belly pork with onions apples sage and spuds or rice

Fri maybe chippy tea

bewilderbeast Sun 01-Jul-07 14:03:52

today roast lamb
mon home made crispy chicken 'burgers'
tues Chorizo hash or chorizo and white bean stew
wed chicken stuffed with goat's cheese
thurs scampi and chips & salad
fri ?
sat friends round for curry, probably kolkata chilli chicken

lizziemun Sun 01-Jul-07 14:12:33

Today - roast Pork

Monday - Cold Pork jacket pots.

Tuesday - meatballs

Wednesday - chicken and rice

Thursday - Pie & veg

Friday - Sausage & mash fried onions

Saturday & Sunday not sure as DH is at the Grand Prix all weekend.

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