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Thai Food Heeeelp. Do Brazil Nuts ever feature in Typical Thai food?

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Wills Sat 30-Jun-07 20:11:41

I LOVE Thai food but 4 years ago developed a very serious Brazil nut allergy. Since then I've avoided Thai because someone told me they use Brazil nut oil a lot. But given how much I used to eat I'm now skeptical. I still order a chinese without thinking about it. Just wondering if I'm being silly.


HollyGoHeavily Sat 30-Jun-07 20:33:41

I did a Thai cookery course and didn't come across any brazil nuts or brazil nut oil - it tended to be mainly peanuts.

If it's a serious allergy you are not being silly - i'd just ring the restaurant in advance and ask them what type of oil they use. And then go stuff yourself with Phad Thai hmmmmmm

moondog Sat 30-Jun-07 20:35:22

No,they don't use brazil nuts.
They may use candle nuts though which are not generally used in Western hemisphere.

Wills Sat 30-Jun-07 20:45:05

oHHHH Pad Thai. I've just spoken to them and I think they understood Brazil nuts and no they don't use them. The problem here is that different cultures have different names for the same nut. Technically I shouldn't eat any tree nuts (peanuts are not tree nuts) but its awful not to eat asian food. Anyway Pad Thai here we come.

What are candle nuts?

moondog Sat 30-Jun-07 20:46:36

Erm..they are nuts used to thicken SE Asian cookery.

moondog Sat 30-Jun-07 20:48:13

A bit about candle nuts.Similar to macadamia nuts.

Wills Sat 30-Jun-07 21:09:18

Thanks for that. Truth is that I ought not to eat any tree nuts, but there's loads of things I 'ought' not to eat

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