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Yearofthemum Wed 16-Jan-19 16:47:24

Are there any culinary uses for poor quality sherry?

We bought a big bottle of Tesco own sherry at Christmas and are not happy with the quality/taste of it. It's not nice to drink, in my view. So we got some more elsewhere.

What can I do with it, other than bin it? I'm wondering if it can be used in place of white wine in risotto etc? Or some Chinese recipes which call for it? Or do you think that if it's not a nice sherry it will spoil recipes too?

Thank you, all.

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Blondie1984 Wed 16-Jan-19 17:37:43

You could use it in French onion soup

dreamingofsun Wed 16-Jan-19 18:05:47

several of the bbq recipes i use all year round call for it - anthony warrell thomson

FawnDrench Wed 16-Jan-19 19:13:19

BBC food has 47 recipes using sherry!

Xiaoxiong Wed 16-Jan-19 19:20:09

It's lovely with shellfish, or to throw into a pan at the end to deglaze and make a sauce. Eg. Cod with clams, scallops with bacon, Nigella's Spanish stew with chorizo and potatoes. Also brilliant over sautéed mushrooms.

Narya Wed 16-Jan-19 19:23:39

It's quite useful in Chinese cookery - add to a stir fry with soy sauce, garlic and fresh gingrr and see what you think

PrivateParkin Wed 16-Jan-19 19:26:34

I usually get a cheap bottle to use in my Christmas cake, then use it in different things throughout the year - chicken pie, chicken paprika, casseroles and stuff. Anything with chorizo. Gravy, risotto, etc. Like a white wine substitute or if you need to deglaze the pan etc. I find it v handy.

AdaColeman Wed 16-Jan-19 19:38:45

Use in gravy or any rich meaty stews.
French onion soup, oxtail soup etc.
Use in marinades.

At one time there was a whole class of sherry known as cooking sherry!

AdaColeman Wed 16-Jan-19 19:48:36

Or, pop three or four dried chillies into the bottle and leave for a couple of weeks. Use the chilli sherry instead of vodka to make Bloody Marys.

Yearofthemum Wed 16-Jan-19 20:02:02

Thank you. I'll try it then. The fish sounds nice. And if you got away with it in Christmas cake, it might work out.

The Aldi sherry I also had was cheap, but nice. This stuff is as nasty as the stuff we once got on tap at the off-licence when we were teenagers 😳😩.Hopefully it won't ruin any recipes!

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Yearofthemum Wed 16-Jan-19 20:02:50

Ada, I honestly don't think it is drinkable, otherwise I would. And I'm not that fussy!

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samlovesdilys Wed 16-Jan-19 20:04:17

Put in cheese sauce??

SushiMonster Thu 17-Jan-19 09:37:53

I use sherry instead of white wine in risotto dishes, or in yottam's veggie paella dish.

Also add a splash of sherry to a pepper and white bean Spanish style tomato stew thing.

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 17-Jan-19 10:40:15

I always put a glass of Sherry in my Shepherds Pie as it helps cut across the Lamb fat.

nothingwittyhere Wed 23-Jan-19 17:42:06

I make a mushroom gravy/sauce with sherry to deglaze. Would probably work with onion gravy too. Also Spanish inspired stews etc.

Yearofthemum Wed 23-Jan-19 23:23:20

Thank you for all those ideas. I'm going to try most of them. Of the later recipes, I particularly like the cheese sauce idea.

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CrispbuttyNo1 Wed 23-Jan-19 23:25:50

Jam or marmalade
Christmas cake or pudding

mix with red wine to drink it or just add lemonade to it

Tarsnip Wed 23-Jan-19 23:29:00

Is there no such thing as cooking sherry any more? I’m so old! As above, it is great for deglazing or in Chinese recipes - substitute for any time you see rice wine.

AdaColeman Wed 23-Jan-19 23:42:22

grin Ken Hom always used to say “If you can’t get rice wine you can use sherry”. I was going to ask him that when he was here for a web chat, but though he might feel I was taking the mickey!

budgetneeded Wed 23-Jan-19 23:48:38

took me 4 years to use one, it was quietly parked in the back of the fridge. surprisingly i have a few recipes that call for it (mainly hungarian goulash).

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