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Dinner Votes

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myrtleWilson Tue 15-Jan-19 00:30:47

I've just taken some meat (venison) out of freezer for dinner tomorrow.

Shall I make a pie with (shop bought) puff pastry or a stew with herb dumplings - probably cheese and chive....

VOTE please!

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Blondie1984 Tue 15-Jan-19 01:30:41

Stew and dumplings for me please!

myrtleWilson Tue 15-Jan-19 07:40:21

Think I'm leaning that way too

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Xiaoxiong Tue 15-Jan-19 09:06:10

I'd vote for pie but that's because I can't resist puff pastry in any form grin your dumplings sound lush though!

00100001 Tue 15-Jan-19 09:06:51


Raera Tue 15-Jan-19 13:15:29

Stew and dumplings please

AdaColeman Tue 15-Jan-19 13:22:17

Stew and dumplings, a fab winter dish! I put a few crushed juniper berries in with venison stew to bring out the gamey flavour. wine

NeverHadANickname Tue 15-Jan-19 13:22:57

Stew and dumplings 😍

myrtleWilson Tue 15-Jan-19 13:48:58

Ada - yes I think I probably still have some juniper berries from the last time I made a venison stew. I should probably look up what else I can use them for grin

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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 15-Jan-19 19:35:34

Pie for me please. What time are you expecting us? smile

myrtleWilson Wed 16-Jan-19 14:45:39

I went with stew but ended up having to make the dumplings twice... for some reason they didn't puff out the first time - can self raising flour lose its "raise"?? Anyway, no harm done and delicious (if a little bit later than planned) dinner!

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Gotstuckwiththisname Wed 16-Jan-19 16:27:09

Stew & dumplings please!

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