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Freezer left open

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jen2303 Sun 13-Jan-19 19:13:06

We went out of town at a moments notice for a funeral. I had just done a weeks shopping so I put everything in the freezer. Three days later our son stopped by the house and noticed the ice maker tray was not pushed all the way back so the freezer was barely cracked. He pushed it back and shut door. 6 hours later we returned home but did not get in the freezer/fridge until morning. I noticed that my bag of bananas was full of liqued, and the other fruit looked thawed and refrozen as well. Since everything refroze before I knew there was a problem I don't know if the meat thawed. The things in the fridge, medication that can't get warm, nut milk, lunchmeat, condiments. All the raw chicken, fish, fruit, hamburger meat. Is everything a total loss? Like I have a cauliflower pizza crust in the freezer. Help!

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