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Red Pesto

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noenergy Sat 12-Jan-19 08:43:08

I'm always reading on here that Pesto Pasta is a quick easy meal but I don't like Pesto well the green one. Then I seen you can get Red Pesto. Does this work with Pesto, anyone tried it? Especially those who done like green Pesto.

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BiscuitDrama Sat 12-Jan-19 08:45:56

Yeah! It works well and is different to green pesto.

Bloomcounty Sat 12-Jan-19 10:38:30

I prefer the red pesto and those in the family who don't like green (too "herby" for them) eat it happily. I think it's sundried tomatoes that they add to it, so it's very different, but used exactly the same way. I'd say it was sweeter, also because it's a red sauce there's less face pulling and grimacing before they've even tasted it....

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