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Should ds be having more milk??

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baileyk Fri 29-Jun-07 09:08:18

Have recently stopped BF 11 month old DS in daytime, now olnly feeding him morning and nights. Should he still be having milk of some sort in the day though??

Ceebee74 Fri 29-Jun-07 09:20:11

My Ds is 11.5 months and he only has a bottle in the morning and evenings now - he dropped his daytime bottles about 6 weeks ago (of his own accord) so I just replaced them with snacks.

abracadabra Fri 29-Jun-07 09:23:11

I was quite confused about this as in the same position as you and dd won't drink cows milk or formula. Consensus seems to be that it's ok as long as they are having cheese, yoghurt etc. during the day. I'm not an expert though!

SanetJvv Fri 29-Jun-07 09:28:21

Feeding guide on a tin of formula:

>6 months 2-3 bottle feedings in 24 hours (210ml)

>1year 2 bottle feedings in 24 hours (210ml)

It is a guideline, sure all children not the same.

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