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Harry Potter Supermarket Cake - help!

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Frostyapples Tue 08-Jan-19 21:10:46

DD is 11 and wants a Harry Potter cake for her party this weekend. Do any supermarkets sell them? So far I have been to Asda and Morrison's with no luck!

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Greensleeves Tue 08-Jan-19 21:11:52

Where are you? There may be a sugarcrafting MNer who could make you one?

Frostyapples Tue 08-Jan-19 21:12:47

Party is this Saturday so very last minute. I thought Harry Potter cake would be everywhere!

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Lovelydovey Tue 08-Jan-19 21:14:12

Order a topper from eBay and put it on a plain cake.

gaggiagirl Tue 08-Jan-19 21:14:42

You can get any photo printed onto the icing of a celebration cake at asda. Just get a Harry Potter photo or collage and upload it in store.

Xmasbaby11 Tue 08-Jan-19 21:15:19

Can you buy a plain iced cake and stick some models or something on?

Or check Waitrose and Sains website.

I've never noticed any in shops - they tend to be aimed at younger kids e.g. Paw Patrol

Frostyapples Tue 08-Jan-19 21:16:15

Thanks I will check Waitrose - good idea about Asda I hadn't thought of that! Thanks everyone x

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wineandcatsandlego Tue 08-Jan-19 21:19:07

I had the same problem, DSD decided a week before her birthday she no longer wanted a unicorn cake (luckily I hadn't started baking yet) and wanted HP instead! Search on ebay for 'harry potter cake', i bought the felt 'Happy Birthday' sign and the personalised icing, then either bake and ice a normal cake yourself or go for Asda's finest madeira cake like we did grin and stick them on. Also if you google 'ferrero rocher golden snitch' there are loads of templates of wings that you can print off (then spend yonks cutting them out) and stick on top of Ferreros for instant Golden Snitches! Went down very well at her party I must say smile (god bless Pinterest!! )

Frostyapples Tue 08-Jan-19 21:21:22

That looks amazing! Defo feeling inspired now - off to look on Amazon!

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RightOnTheEdge Tue 08-Jan-19 21:29:11

I had exactly the same problem.
I was really surprised that none of the supermarkets did a Harry Potter cake.

My Mum did as PPs suggested and bought toppers from Ebay, they came really quickly, and a plain Asda chocolate cake.
It looked really good.

BikeRunSki Tue 08-Jan-19 21:31:31

I’ll save you the legwork.... as of last September there were no supermarket HP cakes for sale. I bought a plain “decorate it yourself” round cake from Morrison’s and git creative with roll out icing and chocolate truffles of various sizes.

Fantasisa Tue 08-Jan-19 21:33:16

Wonder why there aren’t any? I also couldn’t find any Harry Potter balloons locally either so ended up with gold ones instead

BrexitDestruction Tue 08-Jan-19 21:36:16

I did the 'Happee Birthdae Harry' cake that Hagrid makes for him. The crappier the writing and icing, the better, which was perfect for me! grin The kids loved it. Load of pics on Google if you don't have a clue what I'm on about.

SerialChangerOfName Tue 08-Jan-19 21:38:44

Never seen a HP cake in a supermarket. Sorry. What about one of those where you put a photo on a cake? Get a HP pic put on.

Rockbird Tue 08-Jan-19 21:38:46

I'm doing the Happee birthdae one this weekend for DD1. She'll love it!

WhatNow40 Tue 08-Jan-19 21:43:50

I've used for icing toppers and printed sugar paper toppers. They print any design so you could easily get Harry Potter on there. They post first class and do next day delivery.

parietal Tue 08-Jan-19 21:50:21

if you want golden snitches, the white chocolate Lindor balls work very well.

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Tue 08-Jan-19 22:12:28

@Rockbird that is a brilliant idea, might do that for my next birthday

Frostyapples Wed 09-Jan-19 07:14:01

Thanks everyone - it is odd that no one does an off the shelf cake as you can buy so much Harry Potter stuff these days. Some lovely cakes you have all posted, I may need to pop to Hobby Craft for some icing now.

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