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Am I being mad or will this be ok?

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mckenzie Mon 07-Jan-19 08:19:57

Leftover roast beef from yesterday, cooked fairly rare.
I am chopping it up into little pieces and plan on making a Bolognese with it. Will that work? I normally do Bolognese in the slow cooker so I’m thinking I’ll just add the beef about an hour from the end. What do you think?

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babysharkah Mon 07-Jan-19 08:33:14

It'll be fine. I would make the sauce and just heat the beef through at the end though, keep it nice and tender.

mckenzie Mon 07-Jan-19 08:33:44

Thank you smile

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itsboiledeggsagain Mon 07-Jan-19 17:48:33

What are you worried about?

mckenzie Mon 07-Jan-19 19:17:16

I think that I was worried that the beef pieces would be two big and not mince enough, because the meat was already cooked it wouldn’t absorb the flavours from the tomatoes and veg etc.
I’m not sure really. I’m not a confident cook and I’m always looking for reassurance if I ever go off recipe grin

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