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Food prep

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user1473756940 Sat 05-Jan-19 23:25:13

I'm going to try and organise myself. I've watched umpteen videos and read blogs on food prep. My concern is how long food keeps for?

If I cook a batch of chicken and veg tomorrow and box it up for five days. Is Fridays box going to be ok? Seems a long time to keep cooked foods in the fridge.

Don't want to make myself ill!

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Angie169 Sun 06-Jan-19 04:55:00

Imo the meals would be fine providing the fridge is set at a low temp and you store your meals on the lowest shelf in the fridge ( this is always the coolest one )
However I think you will get fed up of having the same meal 5 days in a row .
So I would do two different meals with the chicken and something like chilli / speg bol / stew with another meat .
Make enough meals to last two weeks , put half of them in the freezer , then at the end of the 1st week cook more meals and freeze them and take the frozen ones out .
Doing it this way you will always have a weeks worth of food in the freezer and a weeks worth of food defrosting in the fridge.

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