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Batch cooking spaghetti Bolognese for freezing. Can I freeze pasta with it?

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Chocolateandabook2019 Thu 03-Jan-19 16:24:44

The bolognese and pasta has been cooked separately, but then I had a I freeze the pasta with the bolognese so it’s a complete meal when I need to use it? Or make and cool the pasta and add to the bolognese after defrosting it?

margotsdevil Thu 03-Jan-19 16:29:49

I do this all the time, I sometimes add a bit of extra purée or a wee bit stock if reheating on the stove but if I'm at work I just stick it in the microwave with the lid on (I use a container with the wee hole to release steam). Anything to make life easier!

Ethel80 Thu 03-Jan-19 16:33:57

I don't because I find the pasta goes really soggy when it's reheated. It only takes ten minutes to cook pasta anyway so can be done when you're reheating the bolognese.

BertrandRussell Thu 03-Jan-19 16:37:56

You can cook pasta in the time it takes to heat the sauce and it’s so much nicer. Don’t waste freezer room with pasta!

Chocolateandabook2019 Thu 03-Jan-19 16:40:06

Sorry, my fault I should have mentioned, it’s for taking to work and pinging in a microwave for lunch.
I won’t have ten minutes spare to cook the pasta there, but I could cook the pasta the night before and add it in the morning, perhaps? I haven’t even got ten minutes spare in the morning lol 😆.

StepMug Thu 03-Jan-19 16:40:54

I find mixing the pasta in with the sauce stops it going gloopy.

Agree that pasta cooked fresh is still nicer but seemed silly to cook 5 pieces of pasta for DS!

HalloumiGus Thu 03-Jan-19 16:43:50

I freeze portions of pasta complete with veggie Bolognese sauce and veggie parmesan type cheese. It's fine - I take it to work too.

Chocolateandabook2019 Thu 03-Jan-19 16:44:48

@StepMug, did you mean you found mixing the pasta in the sauce stops the pasta going gloopy or the sauce? Daft question.
I was thinking along those lines of mixing the pasta and sauce so the pasta is coated in the sauce?

margotsdevil Thu 03-Jan-19 16:45:41

I mix them together too, didn't make that clear sorry! For the microwave at work it's fine.

maxelly Thu 03-Jan-19 16:49:26

Pasta which has been frozen is never going to be as nice as fresh cooked but it's OK. As others have said mix it in with the sauce before freezing and I find a reasonably robust pasta like penne tubes or rigatoni stands up to the process better than spaghetti....

Stefoscope Thu 03-Jan-19 17:16:23

I think it would taste better if you cooked the pasta the night before rather than freezing it together.

Chocolateandabook2019 Thu 03-Jan-19 17:29:27

@maxelly, it’s penne that I’m using rather than spaghetti, so it should be fine then. I just call it spag Bol whatever pasta I make it with 😄.
Let’s see how it goes....

ASatisfyingThump Thu 03-Jan-19 18:08:49

I do it with leftovers, chuck it in the tub together and DH takes it to work when he wants. Not had a complaint yet so assume it reheats ok!

userxx Thu 03-Jan-19 23:29:03

It's absolutely fine, had it today for my lunch at work. So easy to chuck the whole lot in the microwave.

gaggiagirl Thu 03-Jan-19 23:33:05

I have frozen penne bolognese for work. It's absolutely fine. Tastes good to me. I give it a little stir all together then extra bolognese on the top.

Chocolateandabook2019 Fri 04-Jan-19 10:20:55

Thanks all 🙂.

Well, that’s three frozen penne (rather than spaghetti as in the thread title) bologneses in the freezer.

All the penne is mixed in with the sauce, so let’s see how it goes .🍝

SushiMonster Tue 08-Jan-19 00:07:43

It will be totally ‘fine’. Not amazing, but totally fine. I used to do this for work lunches or emergency dinners.

PurpleCrowbar Tue 08-Jan-19 00:12:54

Yup, mix it up & freeze. Agree spaghetti not as good as something chunkier!

I often find I have 3 or more individual portions of pasta + sauce knocking around in the freezer, at which point I defrost them all, tip into a pyrex dish, top with bechamel, left over grated cheese & breadcrumbs & shove into the oven for a midweek pasta bake.

Not exactly haute cuisine but useful easy dinner, with salad.

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